Why Is Dark the Most Iconic Piece of Art in Sci-Fi Genre?

Most sci-fi series have a reputation of showing DNA mutation, aliens, universal discoveries, and more. But “Dark” has come over with the most intriguing and exciting concept of science which is Time Travel.

Dark is a German series by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. Dark has three seasons on Netflix, which are extremely coordinated with each other. You have to start from the very first episode to understand what is going on in the series.

Sources :- Dark the Most Iconic Piece of Art in Sci-Fi Genre

Star Cast:

  • Louis Hofmann (Jonas)
  • Lisa Vicari (Martha)
  • Maja Schona (Hannah)
  • Jordis Triebel (Katharina)
  • Oliver Masucci (Ulrich)
  • Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte)
  • Mark Waschke (Noah)
  • Moritz Jahn (Magnus)
  • Deborah Kaufmann (Regina)
  • Lisa Kreuzer (Claudia)

Dark has become the talk of the town with its extremely confusing plot and never-ending suspense. Dark will absorb you intellectually yet you will still not be able to figure out what is next? The story begins with four families living their life individually yet connected. The initial episodes will show some disturbing scenes of children going missing from Winden Town, and they are never to be found. Initially, you will depict this as a crime series, but later it will reveal some confusing twists which will leave you in painful suspense.

The overall vibe of Dark is quite sinister as well as mysterious, thanks to its background music. The whole series depicts storylines of 1986, 1953 and 2019 and how the characters of the show are interlinked to each other in different timelines. The movie characters become a mess as you proceed further with the series’ plot and it majorly revolves around Jonas and Martha. A never-ending paradox of who is meant to exist and who doesn’t.

You will encounter some complicated relationships and desperation of finding your loved ones that make you a criminal in another timeline. You will also encounter how the family tree of series characters is a big mess when it comes in light of the past, present, and future dimensions of time travel.

Ulrich and Jonas are desperately finding a way to bring back their loved ones, Hannah is finding love with her manipulative techniques, Catherine is searching for her son, and Martha and Jonas are trying to figure out their feelings for each other. All of it is linked to one tragedy, the Apocalypse. As you proceed further in the series, you will see the series is divided into two groups to control time travel: Sic Mundus by Adam which is shown as the dark side, and the other side led by Claudia with others which is considered the light side.

Adam which is the future version of Jonas tries to break the bond between Jonas and Martha as he considers it as the beginning of this loophole in time while the next versions of Martha and Claudia try to save the bond as breaking it will lead to the death of her future son who is meant to be born in the future. While the young Jonas meets Adam and finds out that he is the one behind all the sufferings, Jonas asks Adam to help him to stop his father to commit suicide but ends up getting manipulated by Adam.

The major leads of the show Jonas and Martha are trying to put an end to this endless suffering by finding the loophole when it all begins as Adam and Martha try their best to put a stop to it but fail. In the end, Claudia, who travels back and forth to understand where it all begins and to save her daughter Regina, finds the loophole and the way to stop it.

Here, the show takes a significant turn, and the audience will start getting an idea of what is going on. Not spoiling the series further, don’t forget to watch Dark and taste the satisfying ending after the exhausting round of twists and turns. After watching the puzzling plot, you will realize why it is so exciting, and you did the right thing to give it a try. It shows a different version of time travel which we have usually seen in other movies or series. Dark is a piece of art in cinematography.

But, what makes “Dark” the most confusing web series yet satisfying? The most delicate component of the series is the relationship characters hold with each other in each timeline. The final season will show you a glimpse of the parallel universe concept and time travel altogether. The overall concept is so refreshing and absorbing at the same time. In the end, when you see how all the parts came together and how it reveals the ultimate truth, you will get a sense of purpose to all those complexities.

The series also has some complex scientific terms which make you Google them and understand how it works. Watching Dark will become a sit-tight and suspenseful experience if you are into time-travel and science fiction.

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