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Xbox Series X May Hit the Markets Sooner Than Expected

Whenever a new gaming console is being prepared for a launch, the companies do their best to peak the buyers’ intrigue and patience so that when the device actually hits the markets, it is met with high sales. Microsoft seems to be employing the same technique with the Xbox Series X. At first, the team remained as tight-lipped as possible, and then when they disclosed some details by their social media posts and interviews, the information imparted was as limited as it could be. People did all they could to take those bits of information and make calculated assumptions. But a new source has fed the media and gamers with a cryptic message that they are solving. As per the inference, it looks like the console may be available for purchase much before the people expected.

Sources :- Xbox Series X

Sony and Microsoft are headed to another face-off because the anticipated release time of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is very close. But these are mere speculations since the two companies refused to talk about the release date, pre-order option availability or prices.  Fans got into comparisons of possible specifications and game options, to choose which alternative will likely be worth the money. Some even went to the limit of creating a virtual model to compare dimensions of the upcoming consoles. But all that is useless until the actual consoles are available for purchase, which is why the release is significant information that fans await. Tom Warren, a reliable source from a leading news website has disclosed that the release of Xbox Series X may be sooner than speculated dates.

He informed everyone that Xbox sales had boomed a lot this year (maybe because of house quarantine across the world). The increase in business from sales does not explain the fact that the company still temporarily shut down production of the previously released consoles, leading to a supply-demand gap. But the company never mentioned the reason, and Tom ended the conversation by saying “This will all make sense soon.”

The only logical explanation for it is that the company halted the manufacturing of older consoles and shifted all their available resources towards making more of Xbox Series X devices. This will ensure that the game releases sooner and with ample devices for everyone to grab. If this proves to be accurate, then the audience is up for a more-than-welcome surprise. The announcement of the release date will be quite a spectacle, now that Microsoft has created so much buzz about the gaming console.

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