7 Email Marketing Best Practices to Drive Better Results From Campaigns

Are you spending a lot of money on your email marketing campaigns but not getting the results you desire? If yes, then you have come to the right place because today, we will share with you seven email marketing best practices that you can use to drive better results from your email marketing campaigns. So, let’s learn about these practices in detail.

Sources :- 7 Email Marketing Best Practices

Never Use a Purchased List

If you want to get good results from your email campaigns, never use a purchased list for your campaigns. This is a direct violation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which states that you must get the permission/consent of the person before sending them your emails and since a purchased email list violates GDPR it will do more harm to your IP reputation, then providing you any benefit. Therefore, always send your mail to only those contacts who have shown interest in your company and given consent to you to send them your promotional mail if you want good results from your campaigns.

Do Not Use ‘No-Reply’ in the Sender’s Email Address

When you use “No-Reply” in the email address, it does not allow the receiver to contact you to ask their question/queries or opt-out of your email list which is not only a bad practice that can hinder your emails marketing campaigns results but is also a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act which states the sender should never use no -reply in their email address and give the receiver option to opt-out of their email list. Additionally, your ESP might even suspend your account because of it.

So, make sure you never indulge in this kind of practice and violate the CAN-SPAM act if you want to protect your account from getting suspended and drive better results from your email marketing campaigns.

Keep It Simple

The next thing that you can do to get better results from your email marketing campaigns is to keep the design and formatting of your email simple. Do not use lots of formatting, images, font styles in your mails. Instead, make it look simple by avoiding the use of lots of images, font styles, and formatting options. Why? Because if you use lots of images, font styles in your email, it might make your email look a little messy or cluttered, which will ultimately affect your open rates, CTR, and conversions.

Optimize Your Preview Text

By optimizing your preview text so that it looks visually appealing and grabs the attention of the receiver, you can easily drive better results from your email campaigns. How? Because most people only open those emails that they feel are important or can help them and how they come to this conclusion? Yes, through its preview text. So, make sure your preview text looks appealing and grab the attention of the receiver. Otherwise, they might not even open your email or might even move your email to their spam folder.

Add an Email Signature to Your Email

Adding an email signature to your email can also help you in driving better results from your email campaigns because people love talking to people and by adding an email signature to your email you can make them feel that the mail has been sent by a real human and not by an automation tool. As a result, they will be more interested in your emails and having conversations with you, which will ultimately help you in driving better results and ROI from your email marketing campaigns. So, don’t forget to add your email signature when you are sending emails to your customers and prospects.

Clean Your Mailing List

Cleaning your email list and removing people who are not interacting with your emails is another great practice that you can adopt to drive better results. Of course, it might shrink the size of your email list, if you are a new brand, but it will surely improve its quality. So do clean up your email list at least one time in every six months if you want to maintain the quality of your email list.

Make Sure You Keep Your Call-To-Action Above the Fold

If you keep your call-to-action below the fold, then you might not get the results that you were expecting from your email campaigns. Why? Because most of the people never scroll down to read the entire email, especially if it is a lengthy email. So, make sure you keep your call-to-action above the fold if you want people to notice it and take your desired action. Besides that, you can also place your call-to-action 2 or 3 times in your email if it is lengthy. This will ensure that people take the desired action when they see your CTA.


These are some of the best practices that you can adopt to improve your email marketing campaign results. So do adopt these practices if you want to improve your email marketing campaign results and get better ROI from them.

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