Best Fun Apps to Kill Your Time

In today’s life, everyone is so busy in their work that it is quite difficult for a person to find a friend who can spend his time with him. And even if you have good friends who spend their time with you, still it is not possible to have your friends with you all the time. So, ultimately you will see yourself doing nothing in your free time. If you think you are also one of the people who face difficulty passing his spare time, this is not going to happen with you again.

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Now, you will not feel bored anymore, because today we are going to share some of the best apps to kill your free time.


It is a gaming app with a simple interface. It is a puzzle, as well as a number game. You will find some tiles in this game in the order of 4×4. You have to move these tiles right, left, up, and down to bring two tiles together of the same number. When you bring the two tiles of the same number together, these tiles will merge into one, and a new tile will be formed. The number on the new tile will be the product result of the numbers written on the previous tiles. Once you merge the tiles, a new tile will automatically appear on the empty slot. You have to continuously merge the tiles until you achieve the product of merged numbers 2048, which is quite impossible to attain. Once you cross the number 512, the game’s level will increase and become difficult for you to find more options to move and merge the tiles. This is an exciting game, and once you start playing it, you won’t even realize when your free time has passed.


It is a brain-teasing game, and you must try it. This game will help you to learn new things funnily. What more one can expect from a mobile app when it is helping you learn and play the game as well, you can challenge the participants from all around the world. This app provides you a lot of topics to choose to play the game such as general knowledge, sports, movies, Disney, video games, etc. You can also check your performance on the leaderboard. You can get a new title on the leaderboard by winning the challenges, and you also can create your quiz on your favorite topic. Once you start playing this game, you will become addicted to it; this is a fantastic game to kill your time. 


One of the best ways to pass your time effectively is reading books. Many people like reading in their spare time, and if you are one of them, then this app is best for you. Pocket allows you to save the content from various platforms like YouTube, Twitter, BBC News, New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, etc. If you find something interesting while browsing the news feed and the content is so long that you can not consume right away, then you can save that article or video on Pocket and read or watch whenever you have free time. You can also use the Pocket to read your stuff offline once it syncs your content. It also gives you suggestions on the topics related to your interest.


BuzzFeed is one of the best entertaining apps you can install from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This app will get you all the entertaining content from the internet on your smartphone. You can watch funny videos from YouTube, enjoy jokes, and enjoy memes, funny incidents, and many more things. It also provides you an option to subscribe to the app to know the latest news. You can also save your favorite jokes and news to read later. So, if you are looking for an app that can help you pass your time, you must give it a try.


This application needs no introduction. We all are familiar with Subway Surfers; it is one of the most popular games you will ever find. This game is so addictive that once you start playing it, you won’t even notice when your hours have passed. 

These are some of the best applications that can help you not get bored in your free time, and the best thing about all these apps is you can install them on your Android as well as iOS device.

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