A Complete Review of HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is one of the most robust software regarding customer service for small and large businesses. Having powerful tools for working and being a versatile service, makes HubSpot Service Hub one of the best CRMs available in today’s world. It has powerful Customer Relationship Management tools and effective and fully customizable plans and solutions for businesses of almost all sizes.

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HubSpot Service Hub is developed by HubSpot, one of the leading providers of software for business management. With the help of HubSpot Service Hub, you can grow your business very effectively with its advanced CRM tools.

In today’s world, your business is entirely dependent on the service you provide. If your service is up to the mark of customer satisfaction, you will be not only able to retain the existing customers, but also be able to add new ones. There are a large number of brands that are not able to retain their existing customers because customers don’t find their service satisfactory.

But HubSpot Service Hub has made sure to consider all the factors so that excellent support can be provided to the customers.

HubSpot Service Hub: Plans & Pricing

HubSpot provides three varied plans for Service Hub. It has a price range between $30 to $1200 for a month. This price range is for base subscriptions of HubSpot Service Hub. You can also opt for a complete HubSpot Growth Suite bundle. You can also build up your custom package in which you can add the Service Hub programs and any other programs you need. HubSpot offers a set of essential customer service tools, team email, ticketing, simple reporting capabilities, and live chat for free.

In the titles below, we have mentioned the plans of HubSpot Service Hub. You may go through each one of them to know about their pricing.

  1. Service Hub Starter

The cheapest plan of HubSpot costs $50 per month; however, you will get it at the cost of $30 if you are lucky enough to get discounts. Service Hub Starter gives access to the HubSpot CRM, and this plan is loaded with different management tools related to communication. It provides ticketing, team email interface, conversational bots, and live chat.  This plan also comes with a collection of tools related to product optimization, and it also provides impressive reports. If you want to add additional users, you can do so for $30 per user and per month. If you wish to make customizations in your plan, various add-ons let you do that. Very efficiently.

  • Service Hub Professional

The cost of this plan is $400 per month. However, after discounts, your final price might come to be around $240. This plan includes everything which is there in the Starter plan along with five paid users. You can create tutorial videos, a knowledge base, and also access a range of automation tools and more advanced reports along with all the features as mentioned above. If you want to add more extras, you can add them to the price of $48.

  • Service Hub Enterprise

This plan will activate a complete set of Service Hub features. The base price of this service is $1200 for a month, where up to 10 users can access it. You get all the features of the Professional pack and a wide range of tools to manage large teams. There are various other features like single sign-on networks, slack integrations, and user roles. If you want to add more users, you can do so by paying the price of $120.

HubSpot Service Hub: Features

HubSpot Service Hub has compelling features. In the points below, we have described some of them to give you a better understanding of what kind of service HubSpot Service Hub is providing.

  1. It is a Help desk software for the starters as it has a clear and very responsive interface and has tools that will help you to respond to different customer requests. The user requests get saved in the form of tickets, and whenever you want to complain again, you may go to the main interface and find out about that ticket.
  2. It is a team email software used to interact with the users. You can connect with it, a wide range of email addresses, so that you can reply to customers directly from here only. All the mails will be visible to each service person, which makes the chances of missing out any particular mail, very less.
  3. It has a knowledge base creation where you can provide guides optimized by the engine search, video tutorials, and how-to articles to the customers seeking answers to their questions.
  4. It has a powerful interface where you can search for contact details, schedule meetings, and a broad range of customizable business processes.


The HubSpot Service Hub offers a complete solution for all the needs of customer service management. It has a wide range of useful tools, which makes it an overall perfect solution. Some users might find it an expensive option, but trust us, it is a worthy product.

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