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Mulan’s Streaming Release Due to Audience’s Concerns About Theatres

The CEO of Disney explains that the decision to release Mulan as an on-demand video on Disney+ rather than theaters because audiences do not want to go to the cinema. Due to the global pandemic coronavirus, all cinema theatres are shut down, and the most beloved classic movie is released off the theatre. And the studio released it as an on-demand film, somewhat further delaying.

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Mulan is the American action drama produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is an adaptation of a live-action animated film of the same name based on “The Ballad of Mulan,” Chinese folklore. It stars Yifei Liu as the protagonist, along with Tzi Ma, Jason Scott Lee, Ron Yuan, Gong Li, Donnie Yen, and Jet Li are in the supporting characters. The film’s screenplay is written by Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa, Elizabeth Martin, and Lauren Hynek and directed by Niki Caro. The production team is planning for the remake from 2010, but the project underwent development hell. The shooting of the film started in August 2018 and ended in November. Mulan premiered on 9 March 2020 and planned to release soon after that. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release date has been delayed multiple times.

Later, Disney decided to release the film on Disney+ platform. According to an article on Deadline, the CFO of Disney, Christine McCarthy, shared in Citi 2020 Global Technology Conference that Mulan’s release is a result of audiences’ unwillingness to come out from their safe home to theatres. And 40% of the movie’s target audiences are families with young kids.

She denied that it was a strategy to increase the paid subscribers for Disney+, but she said it was a collateral benefit. McCarthy is happy with the movie’s performance, and the collection from the movie so far is still lower than they have expected. In general, the movie could have been called a gross $200 million, but Mulan made only $33.5 million on the weekend, which is impressive for a video on the demand movie release. There are also reports that Pixar, Soul’s upcoming movie, will also skip theatres and end up releasing on Disney+. The other much-awaited films like Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Widow are suffering from continuous delays.

However, the decision to release Mulan as video on demand (VOD) on Disney+ seems to be the right choice. Although it is yet to be seen on which platform the movie will release. I hope you like the article.

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