In case you are living in the same house with many people, then you may feel the need of protecting your computer’s data, especially when you are away. You can check the last shutdown time on the both Windows PC and Mac by following the steps mentioned below. Steps to Know the Last Shutdown TimeContinue reading “HOW TO CHECK WHAT TIME A COMPUTER WAS SHUT DOWN LAST”


The most famous phone/tablet brand Apple offers equally great and trendy white wireless earphones, and here is how you can customize them. The Apple AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones that are available on the market. It has the brand goodwill, customization options, product quality, and utmost usefulness. There is a good chanceContinue reading “HOW TO TWEAK APPLE AIRPODS SETTINGS”


Recently, Microphones are becoming one of the most utilized in modern computing for communicating with colleagues and friends, recording sound, and doing a range of some other activities. However, there are several numbers of microphones which are built-in within tablet, laptop, phone, while some others are the part of the peripheral devices including, a cameraContinue reading “HOW TO RESOLVE THE MICROPHONE NOT WORKING ISSUE?”

How to Fix Netflix Not Loading Problem

Every once in a while, you want to sit down and watch some movies, or your favorite series without much hassle.  The first thing that pops into our mind is Netflix, start it, and there are hundreds of shows just for you to watch, but what happens when your primary source of entertainment does notContinue reading “How to Fix Netflix Not Loading Problem”

How to Mute Facebook Users on iOS, Android and Desktop?

If you don’t want to read any update from a friend, then you can easily unfollow or mute them without blocking and unfriending. You can also mute their messages and posts in news feed. Now, I will show you how to mute Facebook user on iOS, Android, and desktop. Mute Friends on iOS Here isContinue reading “How to Mute Facebook Users on iOS, Android and Desktop?”

How to Fix Printer Requires Your Attention Error

Many printer users are reporting an error ‘printer requires your attention’ when they try to print any documents on their Windows PC. This is a very common issue that occurs mainly because of configuration issues. Want to fix this issue on your Windows computer? Follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Here’s How to FixContinue reading “How to Fix Printer Requires Your Attention Error”

How to Reset your Windows Login Password Using Command Prompt

Changing login password in Windows computer is easy. You can set and change your login password whenever you want and how many times you want. Windows offers multiple ways to reset the users or login password. You can change it from the Control Panel, Settings, as well as using the Command Prompt. Many users likeContinue reading “How to Reset your Windows Login Password Using Command Prompt”


After deleting a Facebook message, it is hard to see the sent or received text back. But it is not impossible. There are methods through which you can recover deleted messages. The best methods of recovering deleted Facebook messages are given below for you, along with the process of backing up your messages. Check themContinue reading “HOW TO BACKUP CURRENT MESSAGES AND RECOVER DELETED ONES”

7 Most Useful Smart Luggage Trackers in 2019

Carrying the luggage around, while traveling, is not easy. You have to take care of it ideally and make sure that you don’t misplace it. Still, sometimes we get stuck in a situation where we can’t find our luggage or have to wait for a while during checking. Luggage trackers are the best solution, inContinue reading “7 Most Useful Smart Luggage Trackers in 2019”

5 Best Vegan Apps and Websites in 2019

Many people are turning vegan these days. Some choose to be vegan for health-related purposes while some go for plant-based food because of the environment. If you have been vegan for years or have just joined the veganism movement, the below-mentioned free apps and websites will make things easier for you for sure. Let usContinue reading “5 Best Vegan Apps and Websites in 2019”

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