How to Fix Netflix Not Loading Problem

Every once in a while, you want to sit down and watch some movies, or your favorite series without much hassle.  The first thing that pops into our mind is Netflix, start it, and there are hundreds of shows just for you to watch, but what happens when your primary source of entertainment does notContinue reading “How to Fix Netflix Not Loading Problem”

How to Mute Facebook Users on iOS, Android and Desktop?

If you don’t want to read any update from a friend, then you can easily unfollow or mute them without blocking and unfriending. You can also mute their messages and posts in news feed. Now, I will show you how to mute Facebook user on iOS, Android, and desktop. Mute Friends on iOS Here isContinue reading “How to Mute Facebook Users on iOS, Android and Desktop?”

How to Reset your Windows Login Password Using Command Prompt

Changing login password in Windows computer is easy. You can set and change your login password whenever you want and how many times you want. Windows offers multiple ways to reset the users or login password. You can change it from the Control Panel, Settings, as well as using the Command Prompt. Many users likeContinue reading “How to Reset your Windows Login Password Using Command Prompt”

Top 5 Best Wearable Tech for Kids in 2019

Wearable technology in 2019 has improved so far. There are dozens of wearable tech gadgets and devices available in today’s market. You can the advantage of wearable technology such as keep an eye on your kid’s activity, tracking them through a wearable GPS tracker, a fitness tracker to make them physically active and much more.Continue reading “Top 5 Best Wearable Tech for Kids in 2019”

6 Best Apps For Bibliophiles in 2019

Going somewhere but don’t have your current favorite book? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. It’s not essential to have a physical book with you  all the time. All you need is your phone. For reading enthusiasts, I have summed up a collection of some best applications. Now, here’s the list of 5 bestContinue reading “6 Best Apps For Bibliophiles in 2019”

How to Downgrade 13 Beta to iOS 12?

The iOS users who have updated their iPhone or iPad to the iOS 13 are likely to get annoyed by various bugs and software issues. If you are also facing the same problems, then you may want to reverse your OS to the previous version of iOS. The iOS 12 is, without any doubt, oneContinue reading “How to Downgrade 13 Beta to iOS 12?”

Top 5 Screenshot Apps on Android in 2019

We often take a screenshot of various things on your phone from time to time. It can be of a hilarious meme that you can’t download on your phone or an important document that can’t be downloaded or more. If you are can’t take a screenshot on your phone through default methods, you can haveContinue reading “Top 5 Screenshot Apps on Android in 2019”


Windows 10 May 2019 update is the latest update. The updated version has a beautiful design, Microsoft has also added various new features, redesign functions, as well as fixes many issues. Into these, Microsoft has given an attractive look acrylic (blur) effect to the Sign-in screen that makes it pretty. However, the feature is notContinue reading “HOW TO GET CLEAR LOGIN SCREEN IN WINDOWS 10 MAY 2019 UPDATE”

How to Troubleshoot Surface Screen Rotation Issues

Surface devices are designed with a motion sensor that rotates the device’s screen to landscape or portrait mode automatically according to the orientation of the display. It is the Auto-rotation feature in your Surface that rotates the screen automatically as you turn your device. You can easily disable or enable this feature from your SurfaceContinue reading “How to Troubleshoot Surface Screen Rotation Issues”

Top 6 Left-Handed Mice for Gaming

You can easily find various PC gaming mouse if you are a right-handed gamer. But left-handed people struggle to use the same mice and eventually have to adapt accordingly. Some users quickly adapt to the process while some left-handed fail to use the mouse with the right hand. If you are among them who can’tContinue reading “Top 6 Left-Handed Mice for Gaming”

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