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After deleting a Facebook message, it is hard to see the sent or received text back. But it is not impossible. There are methods through which you can recover deleted messages. The best methods of recovering deleted Facebook messages are given below for you, along with the process of backing up your messages. Check themContinue reading “HOW TO BACKUP CURRENT MESSAGES AND RECOVER DELETED ONES”

5 Best Vegan Apps and Websites in 2019

Many people are turning vegan these days. Some choose to be vegan for health-related purposes while some go for plant-based food because of the environment. If you have been vegan for years or have just joined the veganism movement, the below-mentioned free apps and websites will make things easier for you for sure. Let usContinue reading “5 Best Vegan Apps and Websites in 2019”

Top 5 Positivity Apps for Managing Mental Health

All days are not the same. Life is all about ups and downs. Somedays, you feel motivated and happy while some days can be stressful and tiring as well. No matter what the situation is, you need to be positive. If you are not able to boost your spirits and manage mental health correctly, theContinue reading “Top 5 Positivity Apps for Managing Mental Health”

Easy Ways to Resolve Windows 10 Camera App Error Code 0xa00f4243

Recently, Window 10 provides a UWP app for a camera that can use for taking pictures, making videos, and recording. However, Some UWP users have reported that they encounter errors while using it. One of the most common Windows 10 Camera app error is Error Code 0xa00f4243. Probably, this error occurs due to third-party softwareContinue reading “Easy Ways to Resolve Windows 10 Camera App Error Code 0xa00f4243”


Every gamer desires to showcase their gameplay with others to show off some of their skills but it is essential to know what exact specifications can improve in your gameplay streaming and how can you ultimately stream better gameplay with the wider audience across the world. If you are not sure and are looking forContinue reading “HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR GAMEPLAY STREAMING”