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Community members and fans of Division 2 were expecting that the developers at Massive Entertainment would nerf down the difficulty level for Division 2 raids, but to the contrary, the studio stands firm with their decision as they seemingly have no plan to do so.

The developers at Massive Entertainment studio have stated some of the confirmed enhancement in the gameplay in addition to some quick fix patch for minor bugs and glitches. Still, many community members are speculating that the difficulty level for various in-game missions and raids is going to alleviated which would make the latest Operation Dark Hours raid a little less challenging.

This week’s State of the Game stream featured some of the developers from the Massive Entertainment studios who managed to pat on the back of each and every Division 2 player who successfully accomplished the Operation Dark Hours raid. And they further declared an exciting detail that whichever team manages to accomplish the said raid on different platforms will get a chance to be featured in the in-game White House with their entire team’s portrait.

Earlier to this announcement, the developers suggested that they would only include a portrait of the world first team in the White House, who manages to complete the Operation Dark Hours. But due to the constant nudging from the fans regarding the difficulty set for the new raid event, the studio decides to include a picture of every team that came first on every gaming platform.

 During the live stream, many fans asked the developers that will the runner-ups also get some room for completing such a challenging task. But was denied by the developers stating although there is some imbalance amongst Xbox One and PS4 consoles still many gamers have already completed the mission rather deserve a fair reward and will be exclusively included in the White House to honor their skills.

Without a doubt, the console version of Division 2 is quite challenging as around 7,000 players managed to beat the round on PC and only 150 players managed to complete the Operation Dark Hour raid on gaming consoles.

Still, the immediate response from the developers on a live stream does not hint at any possibility of reducing the difficulty associated with the current raid. Still, it is not farfetched to ascertain that the difficulty level for the said challenge would go down in the near future when the studios actually feel the balance between various platforms would hamper the in-game interactions. Until then, players can put in all their effort to make sure of trying this exciting challenge, and maybe you also get an opportunity to get featured in White House.

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