How to Customize your Chromebook’s Theme

Chromebook is generally a tablet, or a laptop runs on Linux Chrome OS. It is made for various tasks running, especially with the browser Google Chrome. It uses a variety of applications and programs that reside in its cloud storage rather than the machine storage section. Sources :- Customize your Chromebook’s Theme Chromebook’s theme isContinue reading “How to Customize your Chromebook’s Theme”

How to Record your iPhone Screen

Thinking of recording your iPhone screen and worried about it? Now, throw all your worries in a dustbin because we came here with some of the easy tricks that you can apply for recording your smartphone screen. You can record the screen activity for various tasks such as to teach how to create a video,Continue reading “How to Record your iPhone Screen”

10 Best Hulu Shows to Binge during Quarantine

Hulu provides videos and other shows on-demand, and Walt Disney Direct owns it as a subsidiary of the company. It’s one of the best of premium services for streaming a number of popular streaming programs. Hulu is a streaming platform that gives genuine shows and content to its users. You have to take a subscriptionContinue reading “10 Best Hulu Shows to Binge during Quarantine”

How to Install and Configure the AWS CLI

AWS gives a broad CLI that gives approach to each assistance they suggest. You may utilize this on remote gadgets to give them an approach to specific highlights of your record, or on your PC to help conduct your framework. If you are trying to get it installed and setup on your system, then theContinue reading “How to Install and Configure the AWS CLI”

How to Record Free Streaming TV Show Before They Are Gone

Several TV networks have started providing free TV shows and movies free to help people deal with quarantine. HBO has launched approx 500 hours’ free programs for non-subscribers. On the other hand, CBS has offered to access 60 days free trials for new customers as well as old customers. Epix is also allowing accessing 30Continue reading “How to Record Free Streaming TV Show Before They Are Gone”

How to Fix Fixboot or Bootrec Access is Denied

Fixboot or Bootrec is a tool that permit you to solve several severe issues on your Windows operating system that can see the result on your screen as Bluescreens of death. Although these tools have their own settings of concern, such one there, you are not permitted to right of entry it. Sources :- FixContinue reading “How to Fix Fixboot or Bootrec Access is Denied”

Learn to Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive

Google Drive is a useful and innovative application owned and operates by Google. The app allows users to store any sort of data in maximum storage of 15 GB. However, and there is a specific way of purchasing a 1TB upgrade by Google. Although being an essential and vital tool of Google, the Google DriveContinue reading “Learn to Remove Duplicate Files in Google Drive”

267 Million Facebook Identities Sold: Things to Know and do

The latest major data breach has leaked and sold the personal information of almost 267 million. This major data breach has taken place in such a time when most of the people all across the world are more dependent on channels of social media than ever before. The increased dependency of the people on socialContinue reading “267 Million Facebook Identities Sold: Things to Know and do”

How to Make Drop-Down Menu in Shopify

Develop an online store that is not a little feat. And Shopify is a ranking eCommerce platform, and it is a great selection. Shopify can help you via the settings process and also instruct you how you can help your Store. But here you need to do one thing manually that is creating a drop-downContinue reading “How to Make Drop-Down Menu in Shopify”

How to View Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks that Connected Android Device

If you are using an Android device you may have connected it with many Wi-Fi networks: home, school, gym, work, families, and friend’s house restaurant and coffee shop. Every time you have to enter the Wi-Fi password, and then the Android phones will keeping the password to access in the future. Sources :- View PasswordsContinue reading “How to View Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks that Connected Android Device”

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