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Several users are reporting that they are getting the Nvidia GeForce Experience not working error on their computer.  Some users are facing this error while they try to scan the system for the installed games. If you are one of them, then go through the methods mentioned below to fix this issue.

Here’s How to fix Nvidia GeForce experience not working

·       Clean installation of Nvidia drivers

1.    Press on the Start option.

2.    Enter the “Device Manager” in the search bar.

3.    Choose the Device Manager.

4.    It is located on the menu list of all the results which are currently using.

5.    Press on the result given on the top of the list.

6.    Click on the Windows and R keys together.

7.    These keys open the Run prompt box.

8.    Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt box.

9.    Press on the OK button.

10.  You need to choose the video card driver which you wish to update on the PC.

11.  Enlarge the Display adapters column.

12.   You need to right-click on the graphics card.

13.   Select the Uninstall Device option.

14.   Verify the dialogues.

15.   Otherwise, go through the prompts.

16.   You need to verify the graphic device driver uninstallation.

17.   Find the graphics card driver uninstallation.

18.    Enter the necessary details.

19.    Press on the Search option.

20.   Now, you will get the menu list of all the drivers which are available now.

21.   Go down till you get the entry.

22.    Press on the name.

23.    Click on the Download option.

24.    Start saving it on the system.

25.   Launch the Nvidia drivers.

26.   Go through the guidelines provided on display.

27.    After opening the Custom option before pressing on the Next option.

28.    Now, you will get the menu list of all the components which are available now.

29.   Go through the checkbox given near the Perform a clean installation checkbox.

30.   Press on the Next option.

31.  Start installing the Nvidia GeForce drivers.

32.  Go through this issue whether you have fixed this issue or not.

33. In case this GeForce Experience still occurring, then go through another method.

·       Open GeForce Experience as an admin

1.    Find the GeForce Experience shortcut.

2.    It is located on the PC.

3.    Go to the properties section.

4.    For this procedure, you need to right-click anywhere on the desktop.

5.    Otherwise, you need to right-click on the Start option.

6.    Select the Properties option.

7.    It is located on the prompt box.

8.    Go to the Compatibility option.

9.    It is located in the Properties menu.

10.  Go through the Run this program as an administrator option before you save the changes you have made.

11.  You need to click on the OK button.

12.  Otherwise, click on the Apply option.

·       Change ownership of a folder

1.    Go to the Libraries entry.

2.    It is provided on the system.

3.    Go to the folder given on the system.

4.    Press on the This PC option.

5.    It is located on the left-hand corner of the menu list.

6.    Go to the folder where the GeForce Experience is given.

7.    Ensure that you choose the parent folder.

8.    You have to change the folder ownership.

9.    You need to right-click on the folder.

10.  Press on the Properties option.

11.  After that, press on the Security option.

12.  Press on the Advanced option.

13.  Now, you will get the Advanced Security Settings tab.

14.  Press on the URL given near to the Owner option.

15.  Now, you will get the Select User or Group option.

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