Microsoft’s 128GB Surface Go plunges to $350

The 7th-generation iPad rolls out at the end of September and it looks pretty nice. But you know what also looks nice? Amazon’s killer deal on the 128GB Microsoft Surface Go. Right now the retailer is selling Microsoft’s hybrid tablet-PC for $350. That’s the all-time low for the Surface Go, down from about $395 earlier in the month and way down from its summertime price around $480. With Microsoft expected to talk Surface at an event in October, we might see more Surface price cuts in the coming months.

The Surface Go features the aforementioned 128GB onboard storage, 4GB of RAM, and a dual-core, 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Gold processor. It’s also rocking Windows 10 Home in S Mode, though you can upgrade it to Windows Home if you like to load Chrome and other essential desktop apps.

In general, if you’re looking for a pure tablet experience, we found that the iPad or the Galaxy Tab S2 is still a better option. But if you want a single device to go mobile that can function as a tablet and a PC, then the Surface Go is the better option. Plus, at this price it’s well worth it. The iPad starts at $329 for a device with 32GB of storage. For just $21 more you can end up with a whole lot more storage and the full PC experience when you need it.

For a full list of specs, and to see how it stacks up against Apple’s new competition, check out our look at the Surface Go versus the 10.2-inch iPad.

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