How to View Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks that Connected Android Device

If you are using an Android device you may have connected it with many Wi-Fi networks: home, school, gym, work, families, and friend’s house restaurant and coffee shop. Every time you have to enter the Wi-Fi password, and then the Android phones will keeping the password to access in the future.

Sources :- View Passwords for Wi-Fi Networks that Connected Android Device

The problems comes when you wish to see the password for those networks that you have connected with your Device. Perhaps you want to connect your another device to a saved Wi-Fi connection, or you might be with your friend who also wants to attach with the same connection, then you need a password.

In this article, we will show you how you can see the Wi-Fi password when you are using Android 10 or the latest version of the Android Device, you can able to see the Wi-Fi password from your device settings. One more thing if you are using Android 9 or lowest version of Android device that you need to be rooted.

Android 10 and Higher

The first way is not required any other application. It required that your phone has an updated version of Android and running Android 10 or higher version. If your Android device is updated to the highest version, then you can rapidly get the password that you have saved into your Device. If you can’t get the password, then you need to use another step.

Find Wi-Fi Settings

Currently, there is one flavor of Android 10, and that is the “Stock Android” latest version from Google. Although, near the feature, manufacturer like Samsung will put their own circular on Android 10 by applying OEM such as UI that means settings menu might be little different on your Device.

First, go to your device settings menu and tap on the Wi-Fi submenu. In the stock Android. Find the settings, tap on Network and Internet. When you locate the Wi-Fi settings option, they select it.

View Wi-Fi Password

In the Wi-Fi settings option, scroll list that available network and then choose the “Saved network” button. Here you can see a list of the entire Wi-Fi network that your phone keeping choose one.

Now you need to select the “Share” option on your screen. Here you will ask to scan face or fingerprints or enter your password. After that, you will be view a QR code with the represent the network SSID and password. You need another device to scan this QR code when you want. The password is still listed in the plain beneath the QR code. You can also copy it from there.

Android 9 and lower

If you are using an Android phone that has running Android 9.o or the lowest version, then you can only see the password of Wi-Fi with a root application. The best application is Magisk for a root or TWRP application.

Install Wi-Fi password Viewer

Many applications claim that has a feature to show the Wi-Fi password available on the Google Play Store, but the only one application is found that they really work for all phones to view Wi-Fi password by SimoneDev.

View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

When you first start the password viewer, then the application will ask you superuser access. Hit “Grant” on the appear screen; then, you will come to the list that containing the entire Wi-Fi network that you have ever attached, an each of the systems will show the password.

If you have connected with several Wi-Fi network on your Android device, then you list must quit long, in this situation you need to search the Wi-Fi name by entering the name in the search bar that appears on the upper top corner on your screen.

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