Learn How to Effectively Use Slack for Business

Want to stay connected with your team? Slack is the right platform for you as it enables easy communication and is the speedy growing app around the globe.

Slack has a lot of features not known to its audience, but these tips and tricks can help you grow at a fast pace.

Here is a list of Slack tips and tricks you could use for your business which will prove to be effective:

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  1. Use any device to connect

It is vital to stay connected to your team while you’re working on an important project. Some applications can be used only on some specific devices, and then there’s Slack, which offers you to work with any device and stay connected.

  1. Using Keyboard shortcuts

Slack enables you to text and communicate. Thus, there are some shortcuts you can use to save a few seconds of your time. To approach this list of keyboard shortcuts, press ‘Ctrl + /’ and a list will appear.

  1. Using Slash (/) as commands

Slash is a significant key to be used in commands. For example- ‘/dnd’ represents that you don’t want to be disturbed. You can use other commands as well.

  1. Track your activities

Sometimes, you can lose track of your activities and thus, review the same in your Slack account. Click ‘@’ on your laptop or computer and the three-dot menu if you’re using a phone, to view all the ongoing activities in your account.

  1. Organize your notifications channel-wise

To avoid confusion, getting a lot of notifications, you can organize them channel-wise. To do the same, click on the channel name and select the notification preference tab. In the next window, you can organise your notifications channel-wise or mute the ones you don’t want to see.

  1. Set your account on DND

You can give instructions to your account to be put on DND at the desired time. Active ‘Do Not Disturb’ option by clicking on the bell icon on the left side of the menu and select the time of your preference.

  1. Using Slack reminders

Setting reminders is a great way to remind yourself of an important task to complete. Slack offers you to set reminders to bring your notice to essential pending activities, if any.

  1. Get a list of unread messages

Sometimes you don’t read messages on purpose, and sometimes you miss them by chance. Slack enables you to view all the unread messages on one single window so you decide and revert to whichever you missed. Press ‘Shift + Ctrl + A’ all at once to view the window with unread messages.

  1. Erase unnecessary messages

As said above, sometimes you leave messages unread on purpose. Now, you don’t want to stock your account with all those unnecessary texts and rather remove them. Press ‘Shift + Esc’ on your keyboard to delete all those messages.

  1. Get Creative

Slacker Website has some integral cartoon characters which you can use to send replies and messages. Basically, it depicts as if a cartoon or a celebrity character is replying.

  1. Leave notes for yourself

You can leave a message to yourself as a note if you want to save some important information like passwords. It also serves the purpose of a reminder for yourself.

  1. Sound Customization

You can set sounds to notifications to draw your attention towards them when you keep your cell phone a little distant. You can also mute these notifications if you like.

  1. Add default tone with Emojis

When you tap on an emoji, it appears in different tones. You can set these tones by default as well. Select the emoji you want to share and then click the ‘Skin tone’ option to set a default emoji. You can change these settings anytime you want.

  1. Star your messages

You can star your messages in order to mark them as important messages. You can view these messages anytime in the starred messages section.

  1. Pin important info

If you have any information your team must know about, you can pin your messages to bring them to notice. You can pin up to 100 messages per channel.

  1. Switch conversations

You can easily switch from one conversation to another. Press ‘Ctrl + K’ on your windows, and on the search bar, type the name of the group or channel you want to switch to.

  1. Welcome message for visitors

While the time Slack gets loaded, a welcome screen appears where you can add a message for your visitors. You can type a thought or a message in up to 150 characters only.

  1. Two-factor authentication

To maintain the secrecy of your account, Slack enables you to get a two-factor authentication for privacy. If you enable this feature, you’ll receive a code on your registered mobile number each time you log in with a different device. This code is used as a confirmation and an alert for you as well if someone else is trying to invade your privacy.

  1. Video Conferencing

Video conference is an in-built feature of Slack, which makes communication easy. There is a telephone icon on the top right corner of the screen. Tap the same, and you can video call anyone on your list.

  1. Post on your wall

Along with texting, creating posts is also possible with Slack. You can post on your wall anytime and update your team with anything you think is of interest. Tap the ‘+’ icon in the message box and select ‘Post.’

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