Learn How to Share Your Spotify Playlist

Spotify is a trending online-music streaming app that is very popular around the world. Though the app allows you to stream free ad-induced music, in-app purchases to unlock the premium account for the additional benefit can also be made. This app has music sorted based on their genre, language, and trending list (both globally and nationally). It is a versatile platform, so it can also find podcasts on their app. The best part is that you can share your playlist online. How often does any app allow you to do that?

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This feature is more likely to lure your friends and people with whom you share your playlist into using this app. Collaborative playlists can also be created, where you and the other playlist admins can add or delete any song from the playlist at any time. But how exactly are you going to share your playlist?

This feature is accessible to free account holders as well. And the methods to share your playlist on mobile apps and the desktop app can be different, but we’ve got you covered. Share your playlist:

From Mobile

  1. On the menu bar, switch to ‘Your Library’ from Home Page.
  2. Create your playlist by clicking on the ‘+’ button.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with your playlist, you’ll see a heart and three-dot menu button on the right corner on your playlist screen.
  4. Click on the three-dot menu button and select the share button. You can also change the privacy setting of your playlist.
  5. Once you click on the Share button, a new page will pop up, giving you a variety of platforms where you can share your playlist.
  6. Select any platform where you’d like to share your playlist.

If you choose to share your playlist on Twitter, then the process can be slightly different as it creates an auto-generated tweet with URL to your playlist. If shared on Facebook, it will send an image with a customized ‘Play on Spotify’ logo button on your Facebook story. Clicking on these URLs and logos will directly bring people to your playlist.  

From Desktop

There are two methods to share it:

First Method: Share from the main window

  • Locate the playlist that you desire to share, click on the three-dot menu button that looks similar to the one you had on mobile.
  • It will bring you a few options related to the playlist. From there, select the share option.
  • Select the mode of sharing, and your task will be completed.

Second Method

  • Locate the playlist you want to share under the left-column navigation section.
  • Right-click on the playlist will show you plenty of options. Click on the share button.
  • It will open up a variety of platforms to share, but it is slightly different than what you find on the mobile app. The major difference lies with the ‘Copy Embedded Code’ and ‘Copy Spotify URL’.
  • You can paste the HTML out of the embedded code into any web page or social media platform.
  • ●       It will add a self-contained Spotify player to the web page. You can share the Spotify URL via E-mail as well.

There you have the methods to share your playlist without any hassle.

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