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Google is Making Privacy a Priority. Check How

Privacy issues are one of the major concerns in today’s era. Everyone has a fear of losing their private data over the internet. There are a variety of ways from which the personal details can be extracted without your knowledge. Hackers use various advanced technologies to hack into your sensitive data. 

Sources :- Google is Making Privacy a Priority

Nowadays, everyone is using online methods to get every job done. But from your saved cookies, location, history, and many more, the hackers can access your details and use them for their personal purpose. Internet privacy, also commonly known as Online Privacy, has become more crucial than ever. 

In response to the same, Google has taken a step to offer enhanced privacy to their users. Recently, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced this amazing initiative by the company. They are taking this issue more seriously because they know the real value of the privacy of a user. The recent update by Google gives more control to its users, which is quite good for the users to keep the data safe.

Simultaneously, Google is working to protect the privacy of its users. You might remember last year’s decision by Google, in which they allowed their users to delete their personal details in a single tap. Google has included a dedicated button to delete the Web’s details that can help you erase your details from the internet. There is an automated system that Google would flush the data of your account after 3 to 18 months, which proved to be a good decision. Now, as per the updated feature, Google’s automated deletion settings will be enabled by default. Before this update, the users had to enable this feature from the settings options, but now the device will come with the enabled deletion mode. Still, you will have 3 months to change the settings, and you are free to save your details on Google rather than to delete them. 

If you are an old user, Google will always tell you to enable this feature from the setting options. If you use Chrome daily, then you have already noticed a shortcut on your new tab. 

One more feature that is going to be introduced by Google is that you can use Incognito mode faster and easier on Google apps by just long pressing on your profile. But iOS users are the ones who are going to use this feature before Android users. Even Google is working to make privacy control more reliable and pushing its users to make some changes in their settings and enter the privacy checkup hub. 

Soon, the data control option will be available in the Google Search option. After some time, you can access this security feature by searching “Is my Google Account secure?” and “Google Privacy Check-up,” just like when you are searching for the contacts directing in the search box. 

Now, Google is going to disable the security extension for Chrome Password Checkup Chrome extension. The real reason behind the disable of this feature is because it is redundant. The extension will get disabled automatically in the coming months. 

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