Some of the Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

Some of the Best Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for everyone, and we can not even imagine our lives without smartphones. Mobile phones are very useful and help us in various ways. And what if I share some of the best productivity apps with you that can help you become more efficient and productive? So, without wasting much time, let’s begin.

Sources :- Apps for Android and iOS


This app can help you with organizing and prioritizing your tasks. It can help you to manage your team as well if you work in a big organization. It has a very straightforward interface that allows you to customize your lists, boards, cards easily to organize your work.


It is one of the best goal tracking apps that can help you to accomplish your daily goals. This app shows you your progress and the deadline for your tasks.


This app is not available for Android and only compatible with iOS. Fantastical allows you to use iPhone compatible voice assistant Siri, which means you will not have to write everything you want to add on the app.


It is a time management app that can help you schedule your events, appointments, and other tasks. It has a telephone directory access feature that identifies and blocks the spam calls.


Evernote is a note management app that can help you manage your professional and personal drafts on your smartphone, and the best thing about it is that it allows you to sync your data on multiple devices.


Combster is an app for entertainment. You can watch millions of trending videos from different platforms on this application. It has an appealing interface that gathers the videos for you related to your taste.


It is one of the best productivity apps that can help you to make PDFs of your files. Just open the app and click pictures of the documents, and the app will collect the entire images and create a PDF. It allows you to arrange your pages too.

7 Minute Workout

This app is for working out. It contains 12 different exercises that you can do in 7 minutes, and to do these exercises you don’t even need any special equipment. This app supports Google Fit; it has a voice guidance system, which can help you get in shape. It will give you a notification for the daily workout too.


This app will help you to make yourself calm and peaceful. It will guide you to do classical relaxation as well as meditation techniques. It also has a sleep sound feature that can help you to sleep better.

360 Security

It is a smartphone protecting app that can help you protect your phone from malware, remove viruses, and delete junk files. It can also optimize your phone’s memory and boost it.


This app can help you to consolidate your credit or debit card and your business account. It can also track your credit score.


OmniFocus is only compatible with iOS. It helps you to manage and gives you the notifications of upcoming tasks. With this application organizing your work will become very easy.


TeamViewer allows you to control your other computer devices. You can manage the computer systems with macOS, Windows, and Linux with this app.

You can find many more productivity apps for your Android and iOS smartphones that will help you accomplish your goals; this article contains some of the best productivity apps you should be using.

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