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The Poster of Tenet Recreates Nolan’s Promise of Time Running Out

Christoper Nolan’s new film Tenet is all set to come out in theatres. The production has released several posters of the movie, and each of them is promising a tremendous action-oriented film, which is about to hit the big screen. Nolan is known for his brilliant work and his fanbase impatiently waiting for this movie too. If you love Nolan’s films, and films like Inception is your favorite genre, then Tenet is the movie for you. In this article we will talk about the new posters, what are they promising, and when are we going to watch the film in theatres?

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Tenet is the upcoming Christopher Nolan’s movie, which is a spy film. The writing, direction, and production are all handled by Christopher Nolan. However, the movie is co-produced between the United States and the United Kingdom. The film has faced many problems, but the coronavirus is the biggest of them. Tenet was supposed to be released in July 2020, but due to the pandemic, the release date was postponed so many times. And now, the release date is rescheduled on 26th August 2020 in the United Kingdom and on 3rd September 2020 in the United States. The movie is shot in different countries, including India, Norway, Denmark, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, and Estonia, on 70mm and IMAX.

Recently, Nolan released some new posters of the film Tenet, those images showcasing the different characters and the sheer scale of the thriller involved in the upcoming movie. The poster features different characters, including the protagonist John David Washington, and other cast members Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson. The title of the film Tenet is in a reverse form. It shows a palindromic sequence. The posters and the trailer focus on the same theme in several scenes and images. The reverse of the plane crash and the reverse car chase in the trailer clearly explain that, as well as the characters of Pattinson and Washington scaling the side of a building.

The posters are also like trailers, indicating the reverse and inversion plot. The poster features a slanted title, and the titles are tilted at an angle. The tilted title re-enacts the “inversion” effect that is the plot of the film.

“Time is running out” is the tagline of the film poster. Although the tagline indeed explains the current situation. The release date of the movie is coming closer to its theatrical release in the U.S. Warner Bros. is the producing partner of the film, and with each poster, they are putting a new perspective of the film.

In the first poster of the film, the protagonist of the movie, John David Washington, is on one side of the bulletproof glass. Robert Pattinson is on the other side of it; they both are observing the bullet hole between them. But there is something different about the image; the poster is at an angle. The whole picture is angled, which approaches the previous Tenet U.S. poster. The shot of the poster is from the film but at a slight right angle.

Do mysterious helmets, guns, and angles give a possibility that the film is in a Dutch angle? Probably not, because the footage of the trailers is narrow and straight. It must be something to do with the plot of Tenet, and the story is yet unknown to us.

There is great anticipation about the movie as the plot is yet a secret. Tenet is the movie which surrounds a group of agents and set within the world of international espionage. The central character, played by John Washington and his team try to protect the planet and prevent a World War III- level event. So maybe to do this, they will try to manipulate the time by inversion method, which is not time travel. Warner Bros. unveiled twelve new posters, and all of them has the tagline “Time runs out.”

Christopher Nolan’s obsession with time always serves something interesting to the audiences. Nolan conceived the idea of time manipulation over twenty years, and he has been working on the script for six to seven years. There are 250 people in the shooting of the film. The shoot began in May 2019. The production was compromised due to the temporary closure of the road.

Interestingly, Nolan did not use any green screen for the shoot. Hence all scenes and locations are real and authentic. Instead of using miniature and VFX for a plane crash, the director used real plane Boeing 747 to shoot the sequence. The whole marketing fee by Warner Bros. for the movie was between $200,000 and $400,000. The film’s inverted logo, “TENƎꓕ”  is fascinating. The total budget of the movie was $200-225 million, and it has been said that it is the most expensive Nolan project.

The movie, though, is promising some breathtaking action sequences that, too, without a green screen is more exciting. Christopher Nolan has proven himself as one of the most creative and inventive blockbuster directors in the industry with his brilliant previous projects. But this time, he has something even more significant than previous movies. All the posters that are so far released bring the spotlight on the intensity of the movie’s content, and, indeed, fans could not be any more excited. Fans are so eager to watch Tenet in the United Kingdom that the sales of the ticket are already picking up. However, it is still a question of how producers will manage to release the movie in this time of the pandemic, where in the UK, the active cases are continually growing. Fans are very excited about the entertainment and are showing some real interest, but COVID-19 is the severe obstacle in the way. But sooner or later fans will watch the film, Tenet, for sure.

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