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Civilization 6: New Features and August Update Release Date Confirmed

At the end of June, “Firaxis Games” launched a new free update for Civilization 6. The new update brought some new changes, Religious Beliefs, features, Red Death Season 2, and a few more exciting things. Now in August, some further details have been revealed. The developers are set to release another free update in Civilization 6. The officials have announced the features in the new patch and the release date of the update. The latest update of Civilization 6 went live on Thursday 6th August 2020, but the new features will be available on 27th August 2020.

Civilization 6 is a well-known strategy-based game, and they will add two new features in the game. The first feature from the update will offer the players to choose a “Natural Wonders.” It will show its appearance in the game like players are creating it. However, players won’t be able to choose the location for Wonders to appear. The Wonders will appear in their preferred location. However, the game should allow the players to encounter more often their favorite Natural Wonders and avoid any of them if they don’t like it.

Another feature from the new update is the latest mode. The new mode will be available for every Civilization 6 player. The name of the new mode of the game will be “Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode.” In the new mode, the position Tech and Civics will get randomized, and they all will remain hidden until players discover requirements. Every participant in the multiplayer match will get the same randomized Tech and Civic trees to keep the figures in balance.

The following new update is not just focusing on new features, but it is also working on some new changes. From the beginning of Civilization 6, several massive changes have been made to keep the game frequently interesting. These following changes are also focusing on “Civilization 6’s Gathering Storm” expansion. In the expansion, the fire inside the forest and jungle will not stop. It indicates that fire is still in there to burn out the entire forest and jungle.

According to the information, it’s been revealed that the new update will improve the effects provided by “Government Plaza.” Well, it’s a great thing for players because they will get plenty of fresh things in the game. The following fresh content will also bring new challenges for every player. However, Firaxis Games has not provided any depth details of changes they are going to make in the game, so fans have to wait until the new update comes live.


Firaxis Games is ready to bring interesting modes and new features. Civilization 6 is already a popular game among those players who prefer to spend time on strategy games. The developers and publishers are doing their best to improve the popularity of the game. However, the new update will help the game to get more players around the world. Civilization 6 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Linux.

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