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How to Open the New Stark Industries Vault in Fortnite Season 4

It’s been a month since Fortnite Season 4 has arrived yet everyone is busy in celebrating its success. Thanks to the unique Marvel crossover that was added after a deal took place between Marvel Comics and Epic Games. Now, the gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Fortnite with a compelling Marvel fun. More importantly, players are allowed to adapt any Marvel character as their prime playable character. In addition to this, most gamers nowadays are busy grabbing Iron Man’s skin and items.

Sources :- New Stark Industries Vault in Fortnite Season 4

Furthermore, there is more to this aspect; Iron Man’ skin and other stuff lie in the lab of Stark Industries. The building of Stark Industries has a plethora of weapons, gadgets, futuristic vehicles and much more. Below we have provided a proper workaround to find all the locations of Stark Industries in Fortnite Season 4 alongside ways to access its secret vaults.

How to Find Stark Industries in Fortnite Season 4

Gamers need to know that the Stark Industries building is located in The Authority region near Frenzy Farm area. However, the access to that building will only be granted to players on one term; to beat the virtual Iron Man deployed by Epic Games to hinder the gamers. Players need to use the world map to track the immense building of Stark Industries. Inside the building, the players will find Iron Man’s outfit and other stuff in its lab.

Fortnite Season 4: How to Open the New Stark Industries Vault

Once gamers have defeated the minion Iron Man, then they need to find a key card in its costume. Once gamers have succeeded in finding the key card, then they need to visit the hidden vaults in Stark Industries’ building. The vault will be easily opened through the specific key card. Additionally, gamers need to know that it is quite hard to beat the Iron if gamers are not equipped with lethal weapons such as Assault rifles.


Gamers can easily access the hidden vaults of Stark Industries through a Key card. However players need to win a dreaded battle with Iron Man. In this article, we have briefed about the location of Stark Industries’ building alongside ways to beat the Iron Man that is guarding it. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will find it worth reading it and will indeed succeed in accomplishing this task.

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