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If your laptop is getting older and slower with time, then you must be thinking to replace it with a new one. But buying a new laptop can be a high expense, especially if you want a high-end laptop. A high-end laptop can burn a hole in your pocket. This article will help you to know if you can upgrade your laptop and make it faster and look better. Just think if your current device provides you the things which you need then why pay for the new one.

Think about what can you do to get the peak performance of your device. Can you buy some extra RAM, hard-drive, SD card, and other things to enhance the performance?

My Laptop is Working Sluggishly

If you experience slower performance and lags while using multiple applications, then you should do various things to enhance the speed and multitasking of your PC. The primary hardware that is responsible for speed is the RAM. It can be upgraded according to the laptop’s compatibility. To know the maximum RAM capacity of your laptop, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Hit the Start/Window Key on your laptop keyboard.
  2. Type ‘system information’ and then click on ‘system information.’
  3. Look for “system model” and check the model and brand name.
  4. Type the company name and model name on Google search.
  5. Open the first website.
  6. Check the maximum RAM of your laptop.

Now you can upgrade your laptop’s RAM accordingly to its maximum limit. Go to a computer hardware shop and buy a RAM that is compatible with your laptop’s maximum limit. For example, if you have the maximum limit of 8 GB RAM and the preinstalled RAM is 2 GB, then you can only install 6 GB more.

Remember the RAM will increase the performance of your laptop. But the performance is not solely dependent on your RAM. The processor and graphics card also matter.


Check How Much Free Storage Space You Have Left

If your hard drive is used more than 60%, then you should make some changes to it. Delete unwanted files, delete junk files, and defrag your hard disk to increase the free space in the hard drive. A stuffed hard drive can cause a severe slow down in performance. If space is used more than 60 %, then buy an external hard drive and transfer the large sized files into it. A one TB portable hard drive doesn’t costs much. Some laptops also have the feature to upgrade their primary hard disk.

Battery Doesn’t Last Longer Than a Few Minutes

A bad battery doesn’t require you to replace the whole laptop. Spend a little amount and buy a new battery. Every laptop has the feature of replacing the battery. No need to waste your money on a new laptop if you can fix your current one.

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