6 Best Apps For Bibliophiles in 2019

Going somewhere but don’t have your current favorite book? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. It’s not essential to have a physical book with you  all the time. All you need is your phone. For reading enthusiasts, I have summed up a collection of some best applications. Now, here’s the list of 5 best apps for book lovers.

1. Leio

Leio app is designed primarily around physical books and is a digital journal to help readers stay on track and manage their reading. The app helps its users to organize their library, notes, etc. Leio also tracks the timing of the user’s reading and helps them to get into the habit of reading. The app maintains a reading record of users by using information and statistics.

2. Inkitt

In Inkitt app, one can discover new novels by different authors and read them in the app. The app includes various genres like Sci-Fi, Thriller, Crime, Romance, Action, Adventure, and Drama. Inkitt has more than 2 million users who read Inkitt’s book collection. Inkitt is the perfect free app on iPhone and iPad for book enthusiasts. It has customizable background colors and fonts that makes it more popular.

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3. Wattpad

Wattpad is the most celebrated social storytelling platform by which one can connect himself with the global community of more than 70 million readers and writers across the globe. A user can start and write their story with the Wattpad app. The app connects a user with the global readers’ community who will be enjoying and cherishing the user’s new story. Wattpad is an amazing platform for readers, connecting them with the beautiful world of stories of people around the world.

4. Serial Reader

Serial Reader app is the best way to find and read classic literature. The app provides access to more than 600 classic books with each can be read within 15 to 20 minutes. The app offers an issue of a book every day to the user by which the user can beautifully utilize their spare time by reading a classic book. Customization is also available in the app with stunning themes and fonts.

5. Litsy

Litsy is a place where readers can find and read their desired book and share stories with friends. It is a place to discover favorite books of choice. The app has a well-established readers community that consists of authors, influencers, and the readers who create posts of their reading moments. Litsy app allows users to write down their thoughts and quotes in their reading time. The app is a perfect platform for passionate readers.

6. Blinkist

The Blinkist app is designed for professional readers who prefer to read key points and short summaries of entire books due to lack of time. These little glimpses of books in the form of the paragraph are called a blink. Blinkist app avails the key insights of more than 3,000 bestselling nonfiction books. The app helps in sharpen user’s professional skills with the best business books in the field. With Blinkist, a user can also explore different shelves with most self-improvement titles.

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