Top 5 Best Wearable Tech for Kids in 2019

Wearable technology in 2019 has improved so far. There are dozens of wearable tech gadgets and devices available in today’s market. You can the advantage of wearable technology such as keep an eye on your kid’s activity, tracking them through a wearable GPS tracker, a fitness tracker to make them physically active and much more. So today, we will explore the top 5 best wearable technology for your kids. So let’s get started.

1. Garmin vívofit jr 2

Garmin is a popular brand for smartwatches and fitness trackers. They have also designed a beautiful wearable tech for kids. Garmin vivofit jr 2 is a fitness tracker which allows parents and kids to know their activity level. It comes in different colors and makeup such as Disney art, Marvel superheroes, Minnie Mouse, and Star Wars. So that kids have a choice to buy their favorite one. It comes with two different types of outfits: one is a stretchable band and the second is an adjustable band. This device can track steps and sleep patterns. Every tracked metric can be recorded in an iOS app.

2. VTech Kidizoom DX2

It is a smartwatch for kids, which is specially made to make your kid more creative and learn new things. This smartwatch contains a lot of games for kids. Children can play preinstalled logic puzzle games. Additional games can also be downloaded from VTech’s learning games website. It also has two cameras which allow kids to capture their best moments, record their outdoor play, and while on a trip, they can also record their best memories in this small device. This watch is very versatile in features. If you think that this thing will make your kids lazy, then it has a lot of games which will make them physically active such as playing monster catcher will make them walk and discover new animals.

3. LeapFrog LeapBand

This gadget is a perfect wearable for a small kid. If your kid is only four years old, then this might be a better choice for you since it is only designed for younger kids. In this device, a kid can play a variety of different games through which they will remain physically active. It has 50 challenges and games.

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4. Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR

This product is a perfect deal for the people having a tight budget. Spend only a few dollars and get an excellent fitness tracker for your kid. It is specially made for older kids. It can track real-time heart rate and can monitor burned calories during an outdoor play or workout. It can make you alert if the kids are sitting for too long.

5. Owl Cole Cellular SmartWatch for Kids

This is a calling smartwatch for your kid. This device is highly affordable and can provide you the live location of your kid. It can be used to make and receive calls. This smartwatch has a micro-sim card slot, touch screen, pedometer, flashlight, camera, and many other useful features. This device is surprisingly low in price but has tons of features.

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