How to Update the LG G3 Software

If you have an old version of Android running on your LG G3, then you may want to upgrade your smartphone. The new version is available to update the LG G3 model and it provides you the latest features.

 Features You Get 

There are various features you get with the new software. To know more about the features, follow these points:

  • It enables you to run your OS very smoothly.  
  • It provides many latest and interesting features like real-time shadow rendering, 3D cascading features for apps, enabling support of a 64-bit processor, which makes you enable to store more data on your device. 
  • The most important breakthrough is the notifications. Now, you may view your received notification from the uppermost portion of your device’s screen. It needs not to search it inside the notification panel.

Upgrading the Software

Firstof all, before proceeding with the updating method, you should follow these instructions:

  1. It is advised to take a back up of all your important data stored on your device. It will wipe all the contents, files, and other data from your smartphone while upgrading to a new version. 
  2. You may also be advised not to eject the data cable or turn off your device until the process finishes.

Once you have taken the backup of all your important data, follow these steps to update your LG G3 device:

  • First of all, you should install the Android version. After downloading, unzip the file.
  • Now, download your device’s driver (LG G3).
  • Now get it installed on your PC.
  • After that, go to the web browser and download the LG Flash Tool. After being installed on your PC, unzip the file from the unzipped format.
  • Next, launch the program folder and then search for the LGFlashTool2014 file, then hit it to expand.
  • Then, put your smartphone in “Download Mode.”
  • After that, reboot your device.
  • Now, wait for about ten seconds. After that, press and hold the volume buttons.
  • Next, connect your phone to the PC via the USB cord. The computer will identify your device. Let it know and proceed further by following on-screen instructions.
  • Check your device’s status, whether it set to “DIAG” or not.
  • Now, go just beneath the “PhoneMode” option and look for the “Select KDZ file” option.
  • Now hit the tab that says “Select Cab File.”
  • After that, locate the “kdz” file format you have installed recently.
  • Navigate to the lowermost right-hand side portion of the “Flash Tool” option.
  • Then hit the “CSE Flash” to enable flashing features. It will remove all the phone data stored on your device.
  • Now, tap on the “Start” tab. It will be located in the “Read Phone Information’ window. It will be available when you select the “CSE Flash” option.
  • After that, it will launch a fresh window. It will ask to provide your country name and your particular language. In the country option, select the “Different Country” option and select a language as well.

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