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How to Update the LG G3 Software

If you have an old version of Android running on your LG G3, then you may want to upgrade your smartphone. The new version is available to update the LG G3 model and it provides you the latest features.  Features You Get  There are various features you get with the new software. To know moreContinue reading “How to Update the LG G3 Software”

How to Bookmark Skype Chat on your iPhone and Mac

Skype is amongst the best video and voice calling as well as messaging app. Millions of users around the world prefer Skype over other applications. Online business meetings and conferences can be done quite conveniently with the Skype app on your Mac and iPhone. Skype provides its users with high definition video quality and bestContinue reading “How to Bookmark Skype Chat on your iPhone and Mac”

The ‘radically different’ Essential Phone 2

It’s been more than two years, several price cuts, and one mass layoff since Andy Rubin’s Essential burst into the scene with a new kind of phone. Hailed by critics and instantly declared the next big thing, it was the first Android phone with a notch, no headphone jack, a modular magnetic system, and anContinue reading “The ‘radically different’ Essential Phone 2”

This GeForce-powered Asus gaming laptop

We loved Acer’s new GeForce GTX 1650-equipped 15-inch Nitro 5 gaming laptop, especially at its juicy $780 price point. That’s pretty cheap, but today’s deal goes even lower. Best Buy is selling a 17-inch Asus Tuf FX70DT gaming laptop for $650 loaded with very similar specs and some minor trade-offs. This Asus laptop itself usuallyContinue reading “This GeForce-powered Asus gaming laptop”

How to Download and Watch Movies with Showbox on Android

Showbox – The only popular media streaming app that is not available on the Google Play Store yet. Saying this isn’t wrong. Showbox is a well known third party Android media streaming and download application. On Showbox, you can watch movies, TV shows, news and much more for free. You can’t just watch them, ShowboxContinue reading “How to Download and Watch Movies with Showbox on Android”


The most famous phone/tablet brand Apple offers equally great and trendy white wireless earphones, and here is how you can customize them. The Apple AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones that are available on the market. It has the brand goodwill, customization options, product quality, and utmost usefulness. There is a good chanceContinue reading “HOW TO TWEAK APPLE AIRPODS SETTINGS”

How to Check Your Motherboard Model in Windows PC

The motherboard is the most essential part of the every Windows PC. It pairs all the important internal hardware. Do you want to know the motherboard model number? Here’s how to check your motherboard model in Windows PC. Steps for Checking Your Motherboard Model Using Command Prompt Click on the “Search” option, and it resemblesContinue reading “How to Check Your Motherboard Model in Windows PC”

How To Synchronize Books To iPad?

Many bibliophiles and researchers love iPad because it can be used for reading ebooks. Rather than carrying magazines or books and making the bag heavy it’s better to have an iPad. It is not only light to carry but can also easy to fit in your bag. Also, since it has ample memory, you canContinue reading “How To Synchronize Books To iPad?”