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How to Install tvOS 13.4 Beta 2 on Apple TV?

Apple timely releases updates to its existing OSs in order to maintain its efficiency. The same has occurred for the tvOS this time around. Apple has released the second beta version of tvOS 13.4, and here is how any user can download and install it. So, here are the steps to install tvOS beta 2 on Apple TV.

Installing the Beta Version tvOS OTA (Over-The-Air)

In case the user wishes to install the beta version tvOS OTA, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions.

  • You have to visit ‘’ on your MacBook.
  • After that, reach the Discover option and select it.
  • You should choose any of the present tvOS version.
  • Thereafter, enter the password and username of the developer to sign in.
  • You should move the lower side and choose the Download option, which is the blue color towards the right-hand side of the ‘tvOS 13 beta configuration profile’. Don’t forget to store the profile on the Desktop.
  • Then reach the Configurator application and install it within the MacBook App Store.
  • You should link the Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th gen) to the AC power socket.
  • Also, attach the 4th gen of Apple TV or 4K Apple TV to a similar wireless connection as the MacBook.
  • Go to the Xcode and launch it. Don’t forget you are using the newer version of Mac.
  • You have to reach Menu bar and select the Window.
  • Go to the Device and Simulators option and choose it.
  • After that, reach the Apple TV and launch the Settings.
  • You should click on the Remotes & Devices.
  • Navigate to the Remote App & Devices option.
  • In the Xcode, choose the Apple TV in case it shows in the left-hand side section beneath the Discovered.
  • You have to type the code which shows on the Apple TV.
  • Now the Xcode will begin to pair with your Apple TV.
  • Go to the MacBook and launch the Apple Configurator.
  • In the Apple Configurator, select the Apple TV.
  • Navigate to ‘tvOS Configuration Profile’ and move it from the Desktop towards the button of Apple TV in the Apple Configurator.
  • Then, the Apple TV is set up for the latest tvOS 13.

Using a USB -C Cord to Install the Restore Image

In case the user wants to use a USB-C restore image, then abide by the provided steps.

  • You should visit on the MacBook.
  • Navigate to the Discover option and select it.
  • Reach the tvOS and click on it.
  • You should type the password and username of the developer to log in.
  • Select tvOS version 13’s restore image for your 4th gen of Apple TV.
  • You have to select the Applications option next to the upper side of the screen.
  • Go to the Download option, which is the blue color towards the right-hand side of Xcode 10.
  • You should reach the Mac and install the Xcode 11.
  • Link the 4th gen Apple TV to the MacBook through a USB-C cord.
  • You have to open the iTunes.
  • Go to the Apple TV select it in case it shows in iTunes.
  • After that, press down the Option key and select the Check for Updates option.
  • Now, search to choose ‘tvOS 13 beta’ you downloaded already in instruction 3.
  • Finally, after updating the iTunes your Apple TV, connect it once again to the TV, and you are good to go.

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