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Fortnite Brutus Loyalty: How to Steal Security Plans & Deliver them to Ghost or Shadow

In the game Fortnite, you have to Unlock the Ghost or Shadow Brutus. Once you unlock it then, you will get the missions from him (it will work as an agent for you).

Like everything, this system has to come to an end, and there is a breaking point, and so there is the last mission. In this mission, players have to perform an action of stealing the plan regarding security. After the stealing, it should be delivered to the Ghost or the Shadow. This final mission will appear to you when you reach level 20 in the battle pass and, after that, complete a minimum of 18 challenges given by the Brutus.

This last mission will mention this text:

Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to SHADOW (1)


Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to GHOST (1)

Sources :- Steal Security Plans & Deliver them to Ghost or Shadow

You have the option to complete this mission in solo, squads, or Duos manner. Its reason is that you have to steal the map from popular bases, which will not remain with you for a long time as you have to deliver it to the Ghost. Once the delivery is completed, then the mission will complete.

Completing this mission, is not as simple as the others in the game, due to the introduction of the new tactic and mechanism. You can know about this technology from this article, and then you can proceed to gain success.

Process of Stealing the Security Plans from the Yacht, the Shark and the Rig in the Game

If you wish to steal the Security Plan, then firstly, you have to get access to the base of the Agents. Once you enter, then you have to find the Server. When you get near to the Server, you will see the indication to steal the plan for that you have to follow the mentioned instruction. This one is much simpler than others if you will visit the phone booths before the mission. When you are taking the plans, a Henchmen will come there, If you are with the team then you have to take him down, but if you are alone, then you can use the skin from the phone booth to avoid any direct interaction.

The Security Plan of The Yacht

For this security plan, you have to enter from the rear deck of the Yacht. Now, proceed to the midsection of the Lower deck. Here you will be able to find the servers form in which you will get the plan.

Security Plan of The Shark

For this, you have to enter the structure that looks like a shark. Now, you have to go through the staircase leading to the security level. Then you have to march left, and you will see the two fully equipped server Rooms.

Security Plan of The Rig

You can find this plan when you were doing the search in the ring. Here you can have a bit of difficulty due to the fact that there are many types of machinery looking approximately the same, so you have to go to each one of them and check which one is the Server.

Delivery location and Procedure

When you get the Plans, then you have to deliver them to the Ghost or the Shadow as you get the message. You can head to the safe house, but it will be easy and safe if you drop those plans in the letter-boxes, which can be seen nearly everywhere in the game’s Island such as in Sweaty Sands, Holly Hedge, Pleasant Park, and Streamy Tracks.

When you choose the nearest letter-box, then you’ll find that there are two types of boxes. If you have to deliver it to the shadow, then choose the Dark one; if you need to deliver the plans to Ghost, then you should drop the plan in the light one.

This way, you will finish the last mission given by the Brutus. After completing this mission you will get the normal rewards as you get after completing the other missions.

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