How to Use Google Chromecast on iOS and Android Devices?

Google Chromecast offers you a better stream experience as it allows you to watch the contents from your smartphone directly on the TV. The process of connecting the Chromecast player to your TV is simple, but you will require an account for streaming content from any reputed service provider. So, here are the instructions on how to use Google Chromecast on iOS and Android devices.

Sources :- Google Chromecast on iOS and Android Devices

Configure Chromecast on Android or iPhone

  • Firstly, connect the dongle of Chromecast into the port of HDMI on the TV.
  • Then attach the cord of USB either into the matchable port on your power outlet.
  • Reach the Apple Store or Google Play Store on the smartphone and download Google Home application.
  • Thereafter, switch on the TV and reach Google Home.
  • You should click on the devices that are situated on the upper right side.
  • This application will continue to reach the relevant instructions to configure Chromecast.
  • Once you finish the setup procedure, you will see a code over the application and TV.
  • If both codes match, then choose Yes.
  • Reach the Next page, select any name for the Chromecast.
  • You should attach the Chromecast to the network of the Internet.
  • Then receive a password through the smartphone or input it manually.

Cast Content to Google Chromecast with Android,iPhone or iPad

  • Firstly, launch Google Home application and reach the option of ‘media or audio streaming provider’ you would like to use.
  • Then click on content you would like to listen to or watch too.
  • Click on Cast to continue.
  • In case you are using variable casting devices, ensure that you have selected the right casting device to watch the content.
  • After casting content on the TV, through the smartphone like a remote for controlling volume, or starting the audio/video.
  • If you want to prevent watching the content, select cast once more, and choose disconnect.

Mirroring the iOS Device to the TV through Chromecast

If the users are trying to mirror the iOS device to the TV through Chromecast, then they should carefully apply the given steps.

  • You should link the Chromecast, smartphone, and system to a similar Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then install an ‘AirPlay receiver’ application onto the system.
  • Thereafter, open Google Chrome and select Cast.
  • You have to reach the arrow beside the ‘Cast to’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Cast desktop’ then click on your Chromecast’s name.
  • When you mirror the smartphone, launch the ‘AirPlay receiver’ you downloaded.
  • Go to the iOS device and reach the Control Center then select the ‘Airplay Mirroring.’
  • Now, click on the ‘AirPlay receiver’ to begin the screen mirroring.

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