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How to Launch ARF Files with 4 Best Software

ARF files are those files that have recordings specially made for conferences, recording lectures, and addresses. These files store various formats such as video, audio, and Q/A results, File Transfer, annotations, pools, etc. Technology is booming day by day, and thus, we have several web-supported applications that provide video or web conferencing features from aContinue reading “How to Launch ARF Files with 4 Best Software”

How to Fix Network Protocols are Missing Error?

If you are attempting to access your site but the device tell you that the connection has timed out due to the “One or more network protocols are missing,” then the issue needs to be fixes as soon as possible.If you are the same issue, then pursue these guidelines carefully. Sources :- Fix Network Protocols areContinue reading “How to Fix Network Protocols are Missing Error?”

How to fix Camtasia’s launch issues on Windows 10?

The Camtasia Studio is one of the powerful software for video recording given by TechSmith on Windows 10. It will offer you recorded screencast clips with several effects and transitions etc. You can create video through direct recording plug-in to the MS PowerPoint. This software will be compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android. When youContinue reading “How to fix Camtasia’s launch issues on Windows 10?”

How to Convert Multiple Images into PDF?

PDF is one of the best file formats in its segment because it offers you to make manuals, picture galleries, and eBooks, etc. It’s very simple to make PDF in Windows, and it’s famous for its enhanced security, readability, and compatibility. Acrobat Reader is a great program for making edit PDF files. So, if youContinue reading “How to Convert Multiple Images into PDF?”

How to Fix the Error Opening File for Writing on Windows 10?

When the Windows 10 users are trying to install any application on their system, an error stating ‘Error opening file for writing’ error might appear on your screen. This error attacks your every application and stops its installation. So, if you are facing this issue, then here are the instructions to repair this error. MakeContinue reading “How to Fix the Error Opening File for Writing on Windows 10?”

How to Download Videos from Reddit

Scrolling down through Reddit, you might see some interesting videos. Reddit is a popular social media platform just like many others, but there is some uniqueness about this app that keeps it aside from others. Undoubtedly, content on Reddit is exclusive and really useful, but there is no option to save videos to the gallery.Continue reading “How to Download Videos from Reddit”

How to Setup TFTP Server on Windows 10?

The TFTP Server offers you the best service to share your files between PCs that are associated over the network. TFTP is the internet software tool that you should apply to receive or send the file via a remote system. The protocol does not give additional security for files that being are shared. If youContinue reading “How to Setup TFTP Server on Windows 10?”

How to Manually Delete Windows 10 File History

Windows 10 has several new features and one of the features is keeping the files as a backup. Windows 10 regularly back up the files under the PC and also OneDrive for offline availability. By doing the same procedure on a daily basis, it makes a whole history of files. However, if you no moreContinue reading “How to Manually Delete Windows 10 File History”

How to Move Safari Tabs Between iPad, iPhone, and Macbook

If you want to switch between the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook regularly, you may intend to move on another page through one system to your other device. Instead of reading list features or using history, you can try seamless ways for moving Safari tabs throughout iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. Sources :- Safari Tabs Between iPad,Continue reading “How to Move Safari Tabs Between iPad, iPhone, and Macbook”

How to Fix Windows Shell Common DLL has stopped Working Error

Several errors might appear on your computer and one of them is the Windows Shell Common Dll has stopped working. This error prevents you from practicing primary Windows features, also can severely reduce your productivity. In this blog, we will teach you how you can fix this error in a straightforward way. Sources :- Windows ShellContinue reading “How to Fix Windows Shell Common DLL has stopped Working Error”