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How to Setup TFTP Server on Windows 10?

The TFTP Server offers you the best service to share your files between PCs that are associated over the network. TFTP is the internet software tool that you should apply to receive or send the file via a remote system. The protocol does not give additional security for files that being are shared. If you would like to know how to set up the TFTP server on Windows 10? Here are the directions are given below.

Sources :- TFTP Server on Windows 10

Configure TFTP Server

  1. Firstly, perform the tool of ‘SolarWinds TFTP Server’ by pursuing to the Windows Menu and browsing for the TFTP Server.
  2. When its loading up, select the File option and choose the Configure option.
  3. In case you would like to the server the show in the System Tray of Windows, select the option of ‘Add TFTP Server to Windows System Tray.’
  4. Thereafter, you will select the option of ‘Server Root Directory.’ It is wherever each received file will be stored.
  5. Even whether you would like to transfer over a few files, you will copy the files to the directory first.
  6. Even whether you would like to transfer over a few files, you will copy the files to the directory first.
  7. You should choose the Browse option and select the location of choice.
  8. Then, move to the section of Security to save some restrictions.
  9. In case you would like to transfer files and choose the Send files option.
  10. If you would like to get the files, choose ‘Receive files’ option.
  11. Don’t forget to mark the box of ‘Send and Receive files.’
  12. Thereafter, input the IP addresses range and select the OK button.
  13. Now, select the OK button to shut the configuration screen.

Install TFTP Client

  1. Navigate to the Windows menu then launch Control Panel.
  2. Thereafter, reach the Programs and Features option and choose the ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ option at the left side panel.
  3. You should move down and find the TFTP Client.
  4. Then mark the box.
  5. Go to the OK button to install the client.
  6. Now, you have to wait to finish the process.

Configure Firewall to Permit TFTP

  1. Reach the Windows menu and launch Control Panel.
  2. Afterward, modify View by to Large Icons then choose the ‘Windows Defender Firewall’ option.
  3. To disable the Windows Defender Firewall beneath both settings.
  4. Then choose the OK button.
  5. You should select the ‘Allow another app’ then select the Browse option.
  6. After that, browse for the ‘TFTP.exe’ in the directory of the Windows system32.
  7. Choose and select the Open option.
  8. Now, mark both boxes of Public and Private and then choose the OK button.

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