How to Customize your Chromebook’s Theme

Chromebook is generally a tablet, or a laptop runs on Linux Chrome OS. It is made for various tasks running, especially with the browser Google Chrome. It uses a variety of applications and programs that reside in its cloud storage rather than the machine storage section.

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Chromebook’s theme is built-in and appears as it is as per your subscription plans, such as $1000 Pixelbook or $100 Chromebook. Apart from these things, it doesn’t mean that it will appear as it is forever. Now, you can customize its theme, especially the Chrome browser, where you spend lots of time browsing various contents as the theme of Chromebook doesn’t affect and can’t be applied to the overall Operating System.

Selecting Browser Theme

One can choose a particular theme for your Google Chrome browser, and it will last for several years. You can use color facets such as Blue, Green, and Pink themes. The themes have various structured gradients, such as cubical or rectangular formats.

Applying Pre Made Themes

The application of new themes takes no extra effort. You have to visit the Chrome-based Web Store that is placed alongside the Extension of your Google Chrome most probably to unused Google Chrome apps. Follow these guidelines to know how to apply a pre-created theme from Chrome Web Store:

  • In the beginning, launch the Google Chrome Browser.
  • After that, navigate to the Chrome Web Store and then launch the Themes tab there.

Now, you have to use either of the two options:

  1. Search Bar
  2. Scroll Bar

It can be selected by using the Collections section.

  • After that, hit the section “Theme” that you wish to try.
  • Next, press the option “Add to Chrome.”
  • Now, the theme will be downloaded automatically and applied on its own. In case you wish to go back as you don’t like the particular appearance, then you have to tap on the “Undo” button by navigating the action tab situated at the uppermost section of the screen.

Creating Customized Themes

If the pre-made themes don’t stand on your acceptability and desire, then you need not worry. You can create your own theme through the customization process. It can be created without the help of outsider programs or third party applications and even without applying any coding. Yes, you can create your own theme for your Google Chrome browser.

To make your theme on your own, then follow these straightforward methods:

  • At the start, launch the Chrome web browser.
  • Then, hit the New tab there.
  • Next, go to the lowermost section of the freshly launched tab display and hit the pencil icon there.
  • Hit the option “Color and Theme.”
  • After that, select the color scheme as per your choice from the available options.
  • In case you want to select a unique color for your theme, then hit the first choice through the icon resembles the eyedropper.
  • Hit the Hex Color option as you wish.
  • Now, hit the Ok or Enter tab on the keyboard to proceed.
  • If you don’t want the personal photo to add for the new tab section screen, then hit the Background button.
  • Then, press the Done tab.
  • Now, you have to select the already set images, or alternatively, you can hit the option “Upload from Device.”
  • After that, choose your desired image there.
  • Press the Open button.

Testing the New Chrome Theme

The freshly created theme must be tested on various grounds such as Readability, New Tab pages, Touch Targets, Stability, and much more.

Themes are not equal and sometimes don’t appear soothing to our eyes. So, it needs a checkout. Before setting up your particular theme, whether you have crafted your own or have selected pre-made themes, then it should be checked on the facets mentioned above. Once confirming all the things, you can apply it to your browser.

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