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How to Record your iPhone Screen

Thinking of recording your iPhone screen and worried about it? Now, throw all your worries in a dustbin because we came here with some of the easy tricks that you can apply for recording your smartphone screen. You can record the screen activity for various tasks such as to teach how to create a video, sharing screen recording video for your social media posts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

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It’s an interesting thing to record your screen activities and save as a video clip for various tasks. Here are some of the easiest ways to create a video through screen recording by just your smartphone.

Searching for Screen Record Tab

  • In most of the iPhone gadgets, a screen record button is available as a built-in feature. In order to use this feature, it is recommended to search for the respective button first. In some iPhone device, this button is equipped inside the Control Center; then it’s a matter to check that the particular button is located there or not.  To launch the Control Center, you should follow these guidelines:
  • First and foremost, swipe down your page by navigating the uppermost right-hand side edge. ( Applicable on the latest edition of iPhone X or after)
  • In case you are using iPhone8 or earlier, then swipe the page upward and ensure that there is a screen record tab. This tab appears like a small dot having a circle. If you do not find the then button, then you have to add the same tab on your smartphone that is followed in the next step.

Adding Screen Record Tab

In case you are unable to search the screen record tab inside the Control Center, then you should add the same to your device in the following ways:

  • Firstly, hit the Settings tab.
  • After that, press the Control Center button there.
  • Next, hit the Customize Controls tab. Here, you can add or delete various items as per your desire from the menu of the Control Center.
  • Now, you have to hit the green-colored tab having “+” signed icon placed just after the option Screen
  • Recording. This option will move to the “Include” section directly from the section “More Controls.” The include section will be located at the uppermost portion of the page.

Starting Screen Recording Process

Screen Recording is a very easy task, but you should take care of every step and follow the necessary guidelines. To record the screen, it is recommended to follow all the steps with care.

  • First and foremost, hit the application or site that you desire to record.
  • Now, swipe your screen upward to expand the Control Center options (on iPhone8 or before). If you are using the iPhone X or after, then you should pull the screen to downward just from the upper right side edge.
  • Now, you have to activate the Do Not Disturb feature. It can be done by hitting the crescent moon tab there. This action will stop calls and other notifications for some time. It’s a great feature as you have to record everything without any hindrances, so turning on the Do Not Disturb feature is a great move. Now, you will view more options like deactivating the notification bar as per your schedule or selecting the available option.
  • Once you get into the section of Control Center, hit the Screen Record tab to initiate the recording procedure. If you have tapped the screen record option, the timer will begin and you will get only three seconds just before the launching of your screen, hit the display to hide the menu related to the Control Center.
  • Now, you are all set for recording everything that is streaming or playing on your device. It includes both the audio and video effects, but you won’t be allowed to record the audio that isn’t made by your handheld device.
  • Some people wants to record their voice besides the audio of the playing activity. If you are also one of them, then you should turn your microphone to On.
  • Hit and hold the tab available for screen recording just before launching the recording process. Hit the tab “Microphone” from the prompt out display and activate the microphone.
  • Then, press the Start Recording button there, and then you will see the countdown displayed on your device screen. If you wish to exit from the current screen, you should hit the screen anywhere.
  • Press the followed screen to shut the Control Center.
  • Note: Once you have turned the microphone On, it will also be ON next time you capture the video through your device.
  • In case you wish to stop your screen recording, then hit the uppermost section of the page (tap left side if you have a new smartphone) and then hit the red bar. A prompt menu will appear, and you have to tap the Stop button available on the prompt box.
  • Now, if you want to see your video, navigate to the videos section and search for the same.

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