Slack’s Android App Testing a New Navigation Bar to Improve Performance

The mobile applications by Slack have always attempted to recreate the web and desktop experience. Relying on the navigation based on swipe, solo home screen and clumsy menus. Slack seems to have rectified these with some significant changes in its new update. Android’s beta channel will feature this much-awaited update with some substantial changes in its UI and visuals.

Sources: Android App Testing a New Navigation Bar

However, the highlight of the update has to be the place of the navigation bar. Now you no longer have to go through the menu, reading which at times is a challenge in itself. Navigating the app is also much more manageable now as there is no swiping or tapping on tiny icons involved.

Your all channels are now placed on the home screen, which is included in the bar. While swiping left will take you to the channel you were last looking at, swiping right will allow you to access the other workspaces. Private messages can be accessed now easily as an exclusive section has been placed beside the home tab. After this, you will come across the “Mentions Tab.”  Earlier, you had to go through quite a journey to find all the activity buried in the app’s activity section. To access that, you had swipe right and then tap on the button, which was under your profile. To keep you away from it, this dedicated tab organizes all of it here.

Counting all the features of the update here’s one more. To set your status and access the settings, on the extreme right, a YOU tab can be found. Now you will find a new DM floating in the bottom-right side of the other three tabs. There is also a brand new button to compose a DM which can be found floating at the side (bottom-right) of the other three tabs.

With this update, Slack has made significant improvements over the version that is currently running. No longer has one had to feel annoyed by those icons and menus (dropdown) which one had to go through to look out for features or essential parts.

For the Slack’s version that is being used publically right now, you had to either swipe from the left or in the upper-left corner find the workspace icon to access the channel panel quickly. It is crucial that you are using the Q gesture system of Android for the swipe to work, which garnered a lot of controversies as the gesture was remapped to a universal back button.  All the different features like a tab for DM or workspace which were visible only if you swiped to expose them from under the Home Screen’s menu. When we talk about the iOS though, the performance is slightly better than that on Android. It is mainly due to the absence of a navigation bar, single-finger navigation and a fine swiping option without having to press any buttons.

It will be clear only after Slack gives this update a green signal to be rolled out as a public version, that which of the current features in its beta versions will face the cuts and which will get through. One thing is for sure that the new version of the Slack will be both easy and fast than the one being used right now. 

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