No more ugly video calls, your DSLR can be your new Webcam

Getting ready for a video conference office meeting can be more problematic than getting ready for office, especially for the image-conscious types. Agree to it or not, selecting the perfect shirt and tying your hair in a way that looks good on camera is not an easy task, and consumes a lot of your time. Still, you find yourself looking at how dull your face appears on the call. No wonder you have switched off your video mode on all those calls.

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During the current times, where almost half of the world is working from home, video conferences have become a part of our everyday routines. The tricky task is to look good and presentable, but also not over the top. This adds on to the pressures of looking casual yet stunning. No, your looks aren’t to be blamed. Your webcam is the real culprit.

A few tricks and tips can work reasonably well for you.  A smartphone that you no longer use can provide a better picture quality, in comparison to your poor-quality webcam. Use your last smartphone as your ultimate pal in your next online office meetings. Or, you can definitely switch to a better-quality webcam. However, to be able to grab a good webcam in time is simply a luck stroke. Not many webcams may promise good quality, and even if they do, some might not fit with your device well. What else can help then?

Even if your skin is enviable, your webcam can do injustice with it. What’s the solution? Your DSLR. Yes, a flawless face is possible on video calls. Using a mirrorless camera or a DSLR can be a phenomenal idea for those who want to look like Greek gods in video calls.

Why’s and How’s

DSLRs are made to give you a good quality image when no other substitute suits you. Using a DSLR for your webcam needs can be very simple. You either need to go for a USB cable, or you may require to install the software. All this depends on your system and camera. Yet, both methods are quite convenient for daily use. Some apps can help you connect the two.

Having the perfect HDMI cable at your home that connects with both the devices well is undoubtedly a blessing. A micro HDMI is what your camera loves the most. If you don’t have one, an adapter that has the superpower to give you a micro HDMI at the end can be fruitful. All in all, you just need to step up the game of make-shifting. If you have made the connections safely and neatly, you are only one step away to get that beautiful video output. The next step is to put your camera on video mode and flaunt your beautiful face. BINGO!

Some users may perhaps require help from extra hardware for the process completion. These hardware items are known as USB capture cards and aid in converting HDMI outputs to USB inputs. However, this option can prove to be cost-ineffective for some. It may cost you around $100. Yet, the amount of money paid would be worth it, especially when you don’t have any other option. Sadly, even for the ones who are ready to spend the pennies on these cards, they may not find it very easily in the present scenario where almost all online and offline stores are shut. Life can be very unfair at times.

The step that is the fussiest of all is the mounting step. Placing the camera in the right position and securing its stability are tasks that require precision and patience. You don’t want your expensive and pretty camera to fall off, right? A tripod might be the best option for some. Yet, it all depends on your system and the space around it. The key is to bring the camera at the eye-level for the most proportionate and appropriate image for a sound video call. You need to spend some money to buy those clamps that can keep your cameras in place.

Additional Tips

Using your camera in place of your not-so-good webcams can sound complicated and laborious, but it’s all worth it. If one is ready to make the one-time effort of connecting and mounting it, s/he may get to enjoy the praises of all in the video calling group. A lesser-known fact is that a good appearance during video calls can actually boost your confidence and help you nail those online office meetings and webinars. Thus, it is crucial to try it out one Sunday afternoon and to keep the necessary Do’s and Don’ts in mind. One such important factor is to keep your cameras ready for those long video calls. Your camera may work very well on those batteries, but video calls demand more. An A/C adaptor can solve the issue. Also, if you are lucky to have one of those cameras that can be charged through USB-C chargers, then you can bless the manufacturers anytime. Also, pick up the widest lens in your wardrobe. Video callings are better and more convenient with wide-angle lenses.

Another trick to keep in mind is to set your camera for the lowest of aperture it can support. The purpose is to make the background look smooth and presentable.

Another good technique to keep things going for you is to take care of what your camera needs. Long meetings can tire your cameras (actually) and can heat them. Make sure, if possible, to switch off your cameras at regular intervals during your video calls. This way, you will be able to keep the heating-up issues at bay. Most cameras have the autofocus feature, which was probably meant to help you in situations like a video call. You must make use of it. This feature simply lets the camera focus to be at you, and only you. So even if you yawn a bit, your camera will stay focused on your face only. Finally, you are all set to use your DIY better webcams now.

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