How to Use PlayStation 4 Controller on Android

The modern controllers are enabled with Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth to connect the Controller with the mobile device if you are playing console games. On the Android devices, users can play with PlayStation 4 controllers because it is Bluetooth supportable. The stability and control of games will be more accurate and satisfying. You can connect the PlayStation 4 Controller with your Android device, tablet, and also TV device. 

How to Set Up PlayStation 4 Controller

  1. Turn on the “Bluetooth” on the Bluetooth section of your Android device.
  2. Scan the “Bluetooth.”
  3. On your Controller similarly, tap on the PlayStation key and Share key for a few seconds.
  4. The Controller will be in pair mode when the light of the Controller begins to blink.
  5. Now look into the Bluetooth section of the mobile device and connect with the Controller by “Tap” on the Bluetooth controller.
  6. The light of the Controller will stop blinking that represents the pairing of mobile and Controller is successful.

The procedure of pairing the Controller with the mobile device will finish soon. You will be able to play your mobile games with the Controller with proper control.

Using the PlayStation 4 controller on Android Device Is Right?

Every player has severAL choices, and companies provide these features to be used. You can play as many games as possible by connecting the PlayStation 4 controller with the mobile device. Simply it will make your gameplay more enhanced. You will have better stability on the Controller. Now in some cases, if you are playing with a user who is playing on mobile and you are using Controller, obviously you are in advantage. Your moves and skills will be the effect on the game more than the other player.

In some games, controllers don’t work well, so players need to play on mobile. Sometimes the controllers don’t work well with mobile as compared to consoles. The walking, shooting, aiming, body activity, the controls of the stick, respectively, changes. It could be uncomfortable sometimes that will make you un-pair the Controller with mobile.

If you are playing a specific game that perfectly works with the Controller, then you can play it madly. Your moves will shine, and it will be easy for you to show some great tricks. Many players play Bluetooth controllers, and it is quite fun. The mobile device has limited screen size, and controlling on the same screen could be hard for some games, respectively, for players too. Shooting games required furious moments, and it could be tough to follow that on mobile, so players prefer to use controllers. If you are challenging someone who is playing with mobile controllers, so chances are you will dominant the battle.

However, it is up to you if you want to improve your controller skills or your mobile skills. The competition on both sides is tough. If you love to play with the PlayStation 4 controller on mobile devices, there is nothing wrong because it is made for this purpose.

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