6 Apps Like Snapchat With Face-Tracking Filters

Ever since Snapchat came into existence, people can’t get enough of it’s amazingly cute and funky filters that animate your face in real-time. At the same time, many other apps have also come up with the same idea and some of them offer a much more big range of filters than Snapchat does. Wanna click some more quirky selfies? Read on to find out.

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1. Instagram- The Biggest Rival

Instagram is the only app that can even come close to Snapchat. The range of its filters are huge and works fast. You can share them on your stories or send them via Direct Message. You can find all these filters in the small camera icon on the left-hand side corner of the screen. Tap the smiley face icon and the app will detect your face and show you the filters for you to try on. You can also browse more filters by sliding right at the end of all the filters at tapping the home icon.

2. Boo!- A Fun Social Network

Boo! is just like a twin sister of Snapchat. It offers everything that Snapchat does. You can click cool and funny selfies, send them to your friends, play games, and chat with your friends. Boo! has a large range of stickers, GIFs, and even 3D stickers. You can send any media on Boo! and also post stories. The video chat feature is also there in Boo! and you can participate in the anonymous sharing at the Boo! community.

3. SNOW- The Beauty Enhancer

SNOW used to be a social media app just like Snapchat, with beauty filters and 48 hours stories and GIFs features. It has an intuitive interface. But slowly, all these features were removed and now it only focuses on photo editing and beauty enhancing. Through this Korean app, you can get stylish AR makeup filters, natural skin tone effects, and cute face stickers. Also, new looks and filters are updated regularly.

4. Camera 360- Fun Effects and Fun Filters

It’s also a Korean app with similar features like SNOW. It’s very popular in Korea and has tons of features to enhance your pictures and video. Along with features like smoothing imperfections and enhancing skin tone tools, Camera 360 also has a good collection of crazy filters to have fun with. In fact, you can combine both the features to produce really good and funny photos and videos.

5. Face Swap Live- Switch Faces With Anyone

Fascinated by Snapchat’s face swap filter? This app does it even before Snapchat. Face Swap Live switches your face with your friend in real-time while you record a video or click a photo. You can also select a photo from your device and choose with whom you want to swap your face. If you want to have some fun swapping faces and click funny pictures or record cool videos, this app is for you. Note that this app is not free for iOS users.

6. MSQRD- Old But Fun

MSQRD was a Facebook acquired app which did face animation in whimsical ways just like Snapchat. That app can be used to create both photos and videos and also you have the option to go live and show to all your friends on Facebook. As it was Facebook acquired, it might be possible that the app is discontinued as face filters are now available on Facebook acquired Instagram. Even though it’s still available for download, it’s hardly updated regularly.

So these were the best apps you would want to use if you are looking for something other than Snapchat. Or even if you are bored with Snapchat, these apps will offer you a lot of fun things to be creative with.

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