Connect Apple AirPods Easily to Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops

Although Apple has designed its AirPods to work with a Mac or iPhone, it does not mean that AirPods don’t work with a computer or Windows laptop.

AirPods fans who are not entirely familiar with the Apple products can connect their buds to their devices of Microsoft desktop or Windows 10. The process of connecting the buds is similar to connecting some other device to windows 10 operating system. Here is a quick explanation of how you can connect it.

Sources :- Connect Apple AirPods Easily to Windows 10 Desktops & Laptops

 The wireless  Bluetooth based earbuds designed by Apple,  AirPods are widely used by the people when it comes to listening to music or phone calls. Most of the users can be seen recommending the device, but suggesting the version becomes difficult for many. These AirPods are exemplary everywhere, whether enjoying the latest streaming content or stopping the noise from focusing on your while staying at home. The design of Apple AirPods is also impressive, providing it an exceptional identity along with leading it to be part of many memes based on it.

When moving to connect two devices, it is always required to follow a detailed process, which should be step by step. The process requires the users to use Bluetooth connection before establishing the connection between the two devices. Microsoft has outlined the process of establishing the connection between both devices. Also, the company has provided a support page if things are going on wrong, and the users are getting it challenging to pair up the tools. The support is useful when it comes to pairing up the AirPods to Mac or iPhone. Since both companies support the device, it has become possible to get more out of it.

Connecting AirPods with A Windows 10 Computer

To start connecting the devices, you will need to search for the Windows key. These keys can be found between the bottom left and left Alt and Ctrl keys of the screen. After then, the users will need to locate the options of Settings appearing as the icon of a gear. Once you find the Settings section, then tap on the section of Devices. Once you go to Settings, make sure that your computer’s Bluetooth is on before grasping the glossy case of AirPods. Now, while searching for a button appearing in discrete circular, open its lid.

Further, you will need to hold the button for at least three to four seconds until a fluctuating light appears indicating the device is ready to be paired up. After then move the head to tap on the sign of + looking at the top screen of Windows. It will add the device and then proceed to choose the option of Bluetooth. You will see the option indicating AirPods, and when you select it, the device pairing process will start. After a few minutes, you can use the connected and ready devices for the users to use. Once you set up the initial process, then the tools will start pairing up automatically whenever you will turn on your computer and pull the AirPods. You can enjoy a lot of music and other things with a more enhanced user experience with these connected devices.

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