Microsoft Teams Vs. Zoom: Which One is Better

Zoom and Microsoft Teams, both video conferencing apps, provide several features to its users, whether organizations and people. But, which option is better to use?

The ongoing health outbreak has surged the demand for video conferencing apps. These apps are essential for organizations all across the world to continue their operations around the globe. Nowadays, several video conferencing chat applications are available for free download to users. Among such various video chat applications, Microsoft Teams and Zoom have gained quite more popularity than other applications. As everyone is familiar, both the video chat applications have their advantages and disadvantages and here are the points that finally will decide which one is better to use.

Microsoft Teams has been launched by Microsoft, which is a cloud-focused online workstation based. The app more likely appeals to those users who have already invested in the other products and applications of Microsoft. Zoom was, however, existed before the ongoing health outbreak, but it gained more prominence during the health outbreak period. Zoom has witnessed a massive surge in its demand among the users, and its use has been increased massively. Moreover, everyone is familiar with the Zoom app even if they are not using it presently.

The users can use the free version of both video conferencing apps, Teams and Zoom. However, the free version provides only limited facilities, and so the apps are also available with paid subscriptions providing much-enhanced functionalities. Zoom app starts its paid subscription program with the payment of $15 every month applicable to each user. The users can increase the video calling time for all 24 hours. Zoom app provides a video calling time limit of 40 minutes to its free subscribers. The subscription cost for businesses, enterprises and big organizations is $20 to each client. The users availing the subscription of Zoom by paying $20 per month can arrange remote meetings with 100 hosts individually. The video conferencing app provides several facilities to its users, such as high quality of HD audio and video along with screen sharing and text chat. Moreover, you can create custom Zoom backgrounds along with controlling the audio as when you want in a video chat.

Microsoft Teams has been integrated with the basic plan of Microsoft 365 Business. The users can avail some necessary facilities of the app along with MS office by paying $5 every month. Microsoft starts a premium subscription plan with $12.50 monthly applicable to each user. While opting for the premium subscription can provide the users access to more functions of the app. Moreover, the plan related to the Office 365 E3, which is available by paying $20 every month will provide the users access to some more facilities. While Zoom app is focused on providing smooth video conferencing facilities, Microsoft Teams facilitates much more than only giving communication. It collaborates with several other platforms to provide a better online workspace. Teams app is useful for organizing remote meetings along with boosting team productivity and strong collaboration across the various departments of any company.

Which One is the Best?

Although Microsoft Teams a lot of features to make your online work easy, still the users who are not interested in spending more may find it a sour place. Also, all the versions of Teams have limited the number of people participating in a video call. Similarly, the Zoom app also put a limit on the number of people taking part in the call. So, you can choose between the two plans by looking at the number of people participating in the call and the subscription plan.

While looking at the privacy and security related issues, Zoom app has to meet with severe criticism due to the data breaches and incidents of Zoom bombings occurred on its platform. However, Zoom rolled out several features to improve its security and to fight against the increasing cases of the data breach. Still, the app lacks some features required for the smooth functioning of business organizations while using the app. In such circumstances, Microsoft Teams is providing some more enhanced features. However, the use of both apps depends on the need and interest of the users.

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