Is it Safe to Use Wireless Headphones on A Plane?

Whenever you have to board a flight, you need to prepare for so many things. Here is what you should know about using your wireless headphones on the airplane.

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There are several questions regarding safety measures when you travel through airplanes. Many users want to use their wireless headphones while traveling but don’t know whether it is safe or not. Flying so high in the air to reach a particular destination is always stressful for the people, so they tend to use such devices to make themselves stress-free. Since wireless headphones are very convenient to use while traveling and so it attracts a large number of people. But, the question is whether using these wireless headphones while traveling on the flight is safe or not.

Safety Concerns regarding the use of Bluetooth Headphones on A plane

The use of any device based on wireless along with Bluetooth headphones without flight mode feature was banned entirely from all flights meant for commercial purposes till a few years ago. However, when some research was done regarding the safety of wireless devices during the flying hours, an understanding began to develop. The people came to know that there is no danger in using wireless devices while you are on a flight. The people are now using wireless devices along with Bluetooth headphones while traveling through flights. The Federal Aviation Administration has relaxed the rules since the year 2013 regarding the use of portable devices during the various phases of the flight, including takeoffs and landing. In simple terms, the use of Bluetooth headphones and wireless devices is safe during flight hours, and there is no restriction on it. However, the rules varied according to various airlines, and so you should contact the specific carrier to know about the rules.

What is Flight Mode?

There are still some rules regarding wireless devices and Bluetooth headphones, even though some restrictions have been removed. So, when you travel with flight, then be ready for the regulations to govern you while using your smartphone. For example, when you are in flight, your phone’s flight mode is the first requirement. Airplane mode was the feature when you deactivate any connectivity on your device. It means you can use Bluetooth only when the flight mode will not be required there. Now, if you are using a laptop and a tablet as the device to listen to music or any other program, you will need to follow the rules and regulations during takeoffs and landings. You will not be allowed by most of the airlines to take your laptops or tablets out during the landings and takeoffs.

So, you will need to store your devices securely and safely in the provided seat pockets during the crucial phase of the flight hours. Moreover, the landing and takeoff parts are the most significant part and quite frustrating aspect for the travelers who are already nervous. Some other points that travelers should keep in their minds are the charging issue of the headphones. You may not get any charging points in many airlines. So, it will be a good idea to carry a portable charger with yourself as it will help you immensely when your device starts running out of battery. Apart from these, it will be better to have the headphone that you can connect to your device with the wire physically as it will make you a good traveler according to airline rules.

Enjoy Your Flight Hours

The debate regarding the use of wireless devices and Bluetooth headphones during flying hours is continuing. However, there are no such shreds of evidence proving that wireless devices cause any harm to avionics; still, some people are there who are concerned about it. Even though the debate is going on, wireless devices and Bluetooth headphones are considered quite safe during the flight hours. Moreover, travelers must face more rules and regulations regarding the tools they are going to hook up with these headphones. Besides, the biggest concern for the person going to fly through airplanes is the long-lasting battery so the device can survive through the flying hours. Apart from making these necessary preparations, the person can feel free while in flight.

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