Tesla Self Driving Car Crash: The Autopilot May Be Responsible

Debates have been raging over the Tesla Model 3 car as it crashed on a highway in Taiwan.

Recently, a Tesla Model 3 car crashed suddenly and turned into an overturned and motionless semi-truck. The incident took place at the highway in Taiwan and raged a debate among the people whether the people are ready for the driving assisted with artificial intelligence. The centre of the debate is the feature of Autopilot in the car introduced by Tesla and the future of Autopilot based driving. There are several gaps still to fill to make driving safe by using artificial intelligence. The company is trying to bridge the safety-related gaps of Autopilot by providing several options with the help of a computer. However, the main concern is that any glitch or failure in artificial intelligence-based technology can be proved hazardous to the driver. So, the debate is going on to make artificial-intelligence-based cars and vehicles safer while driving and stopping the injuries, which is quite common in automobiles.

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The main problem is that we are not living in a perfect world and here, accidents and loss of life due to road accidents are common. Nowadays, a video has gone viral on the internet depicting a Tesla Model 3 car that crashed on the highway and turned half. It was said that there was enough time for the Autopilot to recognize the truck and adjust itself in advance. It can be seen in the video that all other vehicles recognized the truck. Also, the Tesla car took the brakes at the last moment, which was futile and hit the truck.  The people believe that the driver was driving the vehicle by using the autopilot feature. The user who posted the video on Twitter is not a Tesla car fan and has also provided several other examples proving the artificial intelligence technology is failing to protect and prevent drivers from making fatal mistakes.

Neither AI-based technology nor Drivers are Yet Ready for Autopilot Mode Cars.

It is always very tragic when such accidents occur as they take the toll of life. But, it can’t be said that such accidents will never happen again. In the video posted by the users on Twitter depicting an autopilot car crashed with the truck, it seems that there is a need for some more systems to be introduced. There should be a system which can help the driver to find out the stopped car or some other vehicle. Also, there should be a system of alerts informing the driver along with automatic brakes in case of emergency. However, it is difficult to say when such smart features will be introduced in autopilot cars.

The tech used behind artificial intelligence-based vehicles is outstanding as it includes sensor arrays and display of excellent engineering. But, all these are not fully effective unless these autonomous cars are introduced with the improved standards of interaction among the drivers. The company manufacturing Tesla cars use a wide range of features based on artificial intelligence, and other manufacturers of the vehicles use the same elements. The features that can assist the drivers in changing lanes are, however, getting better every year. But it is difficult to say when these will be implemented.

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