Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch Highest Bugs during the Flick’s Bug Off

The Flick bug tournament in Animal Crossing is a total fun special tournament that provides players with some additional rewards. To win the rewards, players have to find bugs as many as possible within the limited period of time. The initial duration of catching the bugs is only three minutes, and players need to make a great record of the collection. This tournament is not easy, apart from this, respawn of bugs is quite confusing, so it will be challenging for you. However, there are some useful steps and guidelines that can help you to make things easier. So here is the best guide for you to collect the bugs and earn a superior reward after making a great record.

Sources :- New Horizons – How to Catch Highest Bugs during the Flick’s Bug Off

Plant Flowers

While having trouble in finding the bugs, planting flowers will help you a lot. If you plant flowers all over on your island, you will see bugs on every plant of your island. You need to plant as many as possible flowers to attract bugs, and the colour doesn’t matter. It will attract the bugs, and you may find some special variety of bugs as well. A lot of players plant flowers to make their island look beautiful but it has other advantages as well. So if you want a healthy and legit way to collect the bugs, Planting Flowers is the preferred way to choose. 

Plan a Circuit

Another great way to catch the maximum number of bugs is that you need to plan a route for hunting the bugs. By following the route plan, you can catch the great number of bugs rather than wasting time. Every second count in the tournament and that is why you need to make a trick for bugs. Plan a route on your island where you can easily run to the flowers, rivers, patched woods and some other places where bugs commonly spawn. You need to remember the planned route and keep in mind to make a long route.

Avoid Sprint Sometimes

You never know where the bugs will come, so that’s why you don’t always have to run behind them to catch them. The right bug will spawn near to you, and you will have a great chance to catch them. Keep you speed slow when you need to be slow. Only sprint at the right time because you only have three minutes to catch maximum bugs. Although, when you sprint a lot, so mostly bugs scare. So you need to keep these things in mind and put clear steps on the ground to have a bigger collection of bugs. 

Get Some Additional Nets

While playing the tournaments, you will realize that your nets have a limited period of durability. While hunting the bugs, it is the most frustrating thing, but there is still a way to encounter this issue. The durability of nets will not increase the duration of the challenge. So in this condition, you need to have some spare nets. Before participating in the tournament, just acquire some spare nets and then participate in Bugs Off. Crafting the nets is fairly easy for almost every player of Animal Crossing. Nets are of various varieties in which Flimsy net gets break after catching 10 bugs. Whereas the regular/standard, star, colour net will break after catching 30 bugs and lastly the golden net breaks after catching 90 bugs.

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