How to Enable/Disable Night Shift from Control Center on iPad and iPhone

Night Shift feature in iPad and iPhone is a useful feature that you can easily enable and disable. With the help of Control Center, managing Night Shift shortcut features is quite convenient. Although, Control Center is a place for managing shortcuts of a lot of apps, and Night Shift is one of them. The main use of Night Shift is that it lowers the blue light of your device. Once the blue light is emitted, the display of your device will get more adaptive to your eyes. Your eyes will not face eye strain, and along with it, you can give a better rest to your eyes while sleeping. If you use your device through late-night, Night Shift will help your eyes.

The iPhone and iPad have a lot of great features, and Night Shift is one of them. If you know your eyes are not that adaptive to the blue light, so you simply enable the Night Shift available in the Control Center. In the day time, usage of Night Shift is not useful so you can disable it in the same way you enable it. So here is the procedure of using Night Shift.

How to Enable and Disable Night Shift

For using the Night Shift feature, you need to have at least iPhone 5s or iPad 5th Gen or above models. Apart from devices, you need to have an up to date update to use the feature. The procedure of using the feature is simple. In iPad and iPhone, you may see the separate procedure, so these steps are here below:

  1. In the new iPad and iPhone X devices, you need to access the Control Center from the top right side corner of the display. Just slide down from the top right corner of the display to the launch control centre. However, if you are using Touch ID devices like iPhone 8, then slide up from the bottom side of the display to access the control centre.
  2. Tap and hold on the brightness column to access more display options. Every device running iOS 13 or above will support this feature. However, if your device is below iOS 13, then you should use the 3D touch feature to access more features from the brightness section.
  3. Now you will see the option of Night Shift.
  4. You can simply click on the following option to turn on and off the Night Shift.

So this is how you can use Night Shift from the Control Center with simple steps. Night Shift feature is quite a handy feature where you don’t have to do many clicks. You simply need to click on the single available option to switch between enable and disable. 

Once you activate this feature, you will realize a reduction of your eye strain which is the result of Night Shift. Well, most of the iOS users use it because it really helps them to do work late at night. Operating the Control Center is nowhere tough. You can easily find a lot of shortcuts there and their inside options. Although you can also add more shortcuts in the Control Center from Settings.

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