Influencer Marketing Platforms for Instagram You Need to Try

Back in 2012, when Facebook announced buying out Instagram, they shocked the entire world at the $1 billion purchase deal. But hardly four years later, had this purchase become one of the smartest decisions the company took since its inception. Facebook Company’s ad revenue for 2017 was projected to touch $2.81 billion. Instagram’s user engagement is 84% higher than Twitter, and ten times the user engagement of Facebook itself. Brands prefer Instagram because 50% of the social media site’s followers follow at least one brand, and 70% of most used hashtags are of brands. This is a very encouraging number for any brand to invest here and hope for steady profits and other benefits.

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That’s not all. The platform also has new “shoppable photos” feature, which makes it even more obvious that this platform is headed to dominate all its competitors shortly. But all this hype created around the business opportunities on the app has its downside as well. With the site filled with competing brands, operating with the same objectives, each brand has to work harder than before to get noticed even before they can consider sustained engagement. But the brands have found another solution to this issue. The app has around 500 million active users, and brands tend to collaborate with big influencers following the target audience they want to reach.

This, in turn, creates another race between the influencers. There exists a gold rush amongst influencers ever since 2017 due to the brands staking their claim on a diverse group of influencers. The brands do so to approach the audience with different tastes and interests. The brands use unique tools to attract new talents while simultaneously managing campaigns involving many people. It makes finding a decent influencer for their marketing platform of utmost importance for any brand.

Following is a list of platforms that are better at finding good influencers of Instagram:

  • AspirelQ

This platform was formerly known as ‘Revfluence’. AspirelQ is constantly maturing as a platform for influence marketing and ensures that they improve their features regularly. It has a certain strength with its influencer management. Some of these tools are Campaign Creation, Campaign Lifestyle management, Trackable Sales Links, Campaign Analytics, Payments, Product Tracking, Digital Term Sheets, Content Collaboration and many more. All those features make AspirelQ one of the most comprehensive management toolsets available. They have used their success to improve their influencer discovery search engine and processes as well. The company vets each influencer who intends to be included in the database of AspirelQ before they get accepted. It is how AspirelQ has created an extensive database of influential people. They use a personalized algorithm to add influencers to the list offered to their clients. The company has more than 500,000 people in its database system and believe them to be authentic in at least one niche.

  • Upfluence

It is a self-service influencer discovery platform, with influencers of primary social networking channels like Instagram as their target clients. Its advantage is its lower price points as compared to its other competitors. The prices ensure the inflow of small and medium businesses to the company. But it still has major clients under its wings, such as Microsoft, PayPal, Ralph Lauren and AXA.

Though Upfluence’s major highlight is its search engine, it allows you to do so much more than just that. The software allows you to manage to add your preferred influencers to your list. It ensures complete access to contact information of the influencers. The software also has the feature to export the details in bulk and contact influencers on a large scale. The algorithm they have devised is of amazing quality. It has indexes of over 500 million items of content, and analyses every peach for better engagement. It means you can use any imaginable keyword to search for influencers, even with long-tail terms.

  • CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is popularly described as the influencer marketing cloud for the enterprise. They are an Enterprise Creator Cloud, which is defined as “built for big business because we don’t take influencer marketing lightly”. The platform directs its focus towards streamlined influencer market processes of the biggest companies in the market.

They use artificial intelligence to analyze all types of content they have in minute detail. Once the client has shortlisted their preferred potential influencers, the influencers are required to register on a fully customizable portal; they also fill out tax forms, compliance forms, self- identity, interest areas, and payment options on the portal itself.

  • NeoReach

This idea was first proposed by its two CEOs while studying at Stanford University. The brands’ users who intend to associate with the company have to pay an annual fee, which is not uniform. The fees are different for different brands as per their requirements. NeoReach targets sizable market companies for a bigger profit margin. It uses a very sophisticated algorithm used to mine social web for relevant and reliable data.

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