Worst Video Games Released in 2020 (So Far)

Due to the unforeseen global lockdown, nearly all industries are perishing, but gaming was one of the extremely few industries that saw an inverted impact on business. With most of the entertainment industry shutting down, gaming studios easily transferred the workload home and ended up earning a lot of profit. Companies like Ubisoft and CD Projekt RED released Assassin’s Creed and Cyberpunk 2077 in one year. Their utmost confidence in the current market was well rewarded, and the games were a hit.

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But even after the market warmed itself for the companies, some of them dropped the ball with a handful of flops. These games had real potential, but the creators screwed the pooch with the execution. Here is the list of the worst video games in 2020 thus far:

  • One-Punch Man: A hero Nobody Knows

The game was based on the Japanese anime show with the same name steaming on Netflix. That being said, this game was a mistake since inception. To start with the reasons first and foremost is that the show is about a man who trains so hard that he gains strength to kill intergalactic space gods with a mere punch. Making a video game about that is ironic and defeats the entire idea the show intends to pass on to people. Secondly, the makers acted on the bold idea of removing the lead, Saitama, from his own game and the character turns up after a certain time elapses, leaving the players stuck fighting most stock fighting.

The fight actions coded in the game are more suitable for a PS2. Eventually, when Saitama merges, the game lets you control the character and for people who were struggling to win the fight before this, find it surreally satisfying to knock out the opponent in a single blow. But for a game that is based on the show, it should have revolved around Saitama and not otherwise.

  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Talking about the worst games this year, Mafia II made it to the list with flying colours. It was one of the most sought after open-word crime games with an undefeated cast compilation, amazing gameplay, mean gunplay and a clear map but the company dropped it all back in the 2010’s original. The definitive edition is quite the contrary.  They did roll out the DLC as per expectations, but it did not receive that graphic overhaul that Mafia 1 got. The 2020 game is a disaster in the name of a remaster.

Vito Corleone, the main character, cannot walk without phasing through floors and walls at every four steps. If you try to move outside and involve multiple people, the frame rate goes to die. The audience cannot believe how this version even saw the light of the day. The game stutters and glitches at any moment; enemies freeze mid-action, no mission marker triggers and message boxes blocking the view way past the time when they should vanish. The game feels underdeveloped and still needs a lot of work but the makers may have slacked off on this one.

  • Bleeding Edge

Bleeding edge was anticipated to deliver what the first looks and speculations promised, but it turned out to be just another hero shooter premise.

The character spectrum was incredibly varied and was stuffed with major potential to an iconic release. Still, the attempt to recreate the Ninja Theory’s prowess and single-player hacking and slashing specialist just did not work in the game’s favor. Other multi-character games like Hellblade and Devil May Cry were embedded with catchy stories, well-created characters and intriguing levels built to show off the combination of visual supremacy and dynamic enemies.  But Bleeding Edge fell flat due to great potential lost chasing trends, instead of something that they could have spun in their favor. This game is nothing but forgettable and even more so because it is free on Xbox Game Pass.

  • Dawn of Fear

Dawn of Fear instantly reminds a player of the 1997 hit Resident Evil, because that is how far we have come in the gaming industry. Even the movie franchise put forward a contrast improvement between Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. It is not a problem to develop an old school- survival horror game if it is well balanced, but it is tricky to not mess it up. The game looks like an ode to the 90s horror game genre, completing it off with piano notes that have “Silent Hill” written all over it. The puzzles seem broken, the visuals are muddy at best, and the animation is rigged with instant nostalgia, making gamers thankful for what the graphics are today.

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