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PlayStation 5 Exclusive Silent Hill Will Reportedly Be Revealed This Year

Fans of Silent Hill were waiting for a new series for a long time, and now it appears that their waiting time is nearly over. So now, rumors are starting to circulate again that Silent Hill is exclusively in the working of coming this year on PlayStation 5. Currently, there isn’t much information spreading about Silent Hill, but the vital thing revealed is that there will be an event in the upcoming August or September. The news is coming from Twitter by @AestheticGamer1. After the news, great numbers of users were furious. Year to year, several rumors spread out, but this time it looks really factual.

Sources :- PlayStation 5 Exclusive Silent Hill Will Reportedly

Sony and Konami haven’t mentioned anything as of now, but fans are satisfied. They are interested to know more about it even if the rumor is unverified and how far it will go. In the past few years, Konami was only interested in creating a limited number of games, but rumors have always been in the air that Sony might be operating the route of the games. Konami is doing it for a long time, and this time, it could be true. Silent Hill is an all-time favorite game, and in the PlayStation, it was so much in demand. So there is nothing wrong if Sony helps Konami to develop the game for PS5 exclusively.

Silent Hill has a huge fan base around the world. Indeed it is a horror game, but in terms of addiction and adventure in-game, it is completely different than any other game. For players who love to play tough games with a lot of hidden tracks and locations, Silent Hill is the most preferred game for them. 

PlayStation 5 will be launched before the end of the year, and it is probably sure that along with the console launch, there will be many other games that will come out too. Sony has revealed the names of many games that will work with PlayStation 5, but there are still many more games that haven’t stated any information, but at the right time, they will surprise the gamers surely. Silent Hill is one of those games that are already in a waiting list of gamers, and they are just waiting for official information from the company.

The gaming industry is rapidly growing, so the pressure on the developers and companies is so high because the competition in the industry is also growing stronger. Now players have plenty of choices to play iconic games, so that is why developers and companies now take time to give any statement about their upcoming project. Numbers experienced gamers have played Silent Hill, and almost everyone enjoys it, the numbers of fans are still increasing because the previous version of the game was epic too.

Elements from Silent Hill franchise added Dead by Daylight last month, and there were lots of guest appearances that appeared of horror characters. For most of the fans, it was really a surprising appearance. It was easy to imagine that this could be to increase the hype of the upcoming game from the situation. So if that’s the case, then it is clearly visible that Konami is working on some project.

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