Tricks to Keep Your Pictures Private With Google Photos

Google Photos is the best way to manage, compile, and store all your videos and photos at a single place. It offers a great image sorting feature and makes it easy to create albums. However, with this ease comes problems. You try to send a shared link of your album on Google Photos with someone who doesn’t know much about technology and the next thing you know is that link is now in public WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms? Anyone can access the album and there is no authentication required. It is not the only privacy problem as there are a lot of such troubles. The worst part is there is no solution provided by Google to solve this issue. Not just this, you do not even get any notification if the link of your album is public, or when anybody joins or views or even saves anything from the album. As Google fails to help, there are some tricks we know that you can use to protect your photos.

Tricks To Keep Your Photos Private With Google Photos

1. Create a link to your album as you do and send it to your family and friends. Keep an eye on who is joining and when all your people have joined the album, go to the Library option, and hover to the shared album. From there, tap on the three-dot menu and select Options.

2. From the Options tab, turn off the toggle that says ‘Link sharing’. This will turn your album from shared to private. You will not have to worry about those who joined the album using your link, as the existing members will stay joined within the album. Even if anyone uses the link to access the album they will not be able to do so anymore. For this, you must keep a watch on the joining members as you share your link and be quick in turning it off as soon as everyone joins. However, only the owner of the album can do this. In case you are not, you may ask the owner to do so for you.

3. The next trick you can do is change the way you share your photos from Google. You can choose to share your photos using Google Photos’ quick sharing. Where you can personally send images and videos. In this process, Google Photos will not create any shared link and rather you can directly add the member you want into your file.

The only problem with this kind of sharing is that the photos will not show up in the form of albums. Also, added members will not be able to make any changes in the album. You can see these images in the chat section that appears at the left-hand side corner at the top.

These are very simple tricks for you to use if you prioritize privacy before anything else. You can choose which method suits you best. If you just want to send media, you can add people directly into the album from where they can use the photos. However, if you want even your friends or family to share photos with you at one single place, you can prefer creating a shared link and keep track of everything. All you need to be concerned about is turning off the link sharing, once everyone joins the album. Despite all of this, anyone can agree that Google Photos is the best platform for sharing photos with ease. If used with a bit of awareness, you can avoid privacy issues easily.

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