Pokemon GO’s New Raid Pass Solves a Major Problem!

The world of AR games saw a huge boost as Pokemon GO’s popularity grew. Pokemon is one of the most successful video game series that has crossed several platforms with new iterations coming to this day. With Pokemon GO, the franchise cemented themselves as one of the pioneers in AR games that many casual gamers as well as Pokemon lovers appreciated. The unique play style of Pokemon GO makes it fun for anyone to play right from kids to adults. The game brought innovation to the players while still managing to keep familiarity so that the players don’t feel overwhelmed or alienated.

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Pokemon GO has introduced many cool features as the game has updated over the years. With various types of players enjoying various aspects of the game, the highlight of the game is the Battle Raids. While many gamers hunt for Pokemons and others are busy hatching their eggs, Battle Raids have quickly become the best experience that the game can offer to its players. According to many players, these Battle Raids are one of the fastest ways to capture legendary Pokemons.

For anyone to join a Battle Raid, they need to be close to a point of interest in real life. These raids make sure that the players battle against these legendary Pokemon to ascend to the highest ranks. After spending a consumable item, which has a limit of one spawn every day, the player needs to spend real cash to gain those consumables. This means that while Battle Raids are the best way to reach the top tier, many gamers hell out lots of money to participate in these Battle Raids by buying Raid Passes. Thus it becomes crucial for gamers to properly participate and win in them.

One of the main issues regarding the Raid Passes is when a player joined a Battle Raid lobby, they were forced to battle even if many players remained inactive. This also meant that when the number of players would be insufficient, the battle would continue to proceed, making it unfair for the players while also consuming the Raid Pass. Many gamers showed their dissatisfaction over this issue and reported it to Niantic’s Support page.

It seems that the developers have solved this issue by issuing an update on the new Raid passes. This will include the traditional Battle Raid Pass, Premium Battle Pass, and Remote Raid Pass. The new feature will allow the game to consume the pass only if the lobby proceeds to battle. This means that if there is an insufficient amount of players in the lobby, you can opt-out of it without letting your Battle Raid pass being consumed.

Niantic’s Twitter page unveiled this news and many gamers were happy about the changes. It seems that the developers are taking steps in the right direction and while many other issues need fixing, it seems that they will be addressed soon.

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