Creators Offer Crossplay Console Update for Dead By Daylight

The developers of the game Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive have extended an update for the game. It is going to be an asymmetrical spooky game with a cross-progression as well as a cross-play system.

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On the fourth-anniversary of Behaviour Interactive, it conducted a live stream, in which it declared openly about the massive feats for its cross-play horrid game, Dead by Daylight. It also talked about incorporating a crossing over with the franchise of Konami’s Silent Hill. According to Behaviour, it’s greatest technical effort was its planning to enable crossplay for Dead by Daylight between PC and consoles. It even highlighted details on what gamers can expect.

In a recent blog post of Behaviour Interactive, incorporating crossplay between various devices and cross-save for gamers who require numerous devices have been largely demanded by everyone. The game was tested about ten months ago on PC. It was then broadcasted for the Windows Store, and the team now says that it is perfectly optimized to move ahead to develop various versions for the game apart from any mobile version of it. Though no more news regarding the date has been given by the makers, it has said that the release will be made very soon.

Dead by Daylight which will allow gamers to exchange or share each other’s progress, arms, inventories, and possession will be available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the new Google Stadia. According to the developers, players will be able to witness the game on these platforms in September, excluding the irregularities of licensing. Apparently, the makers are not quite sure about how they will be able to prepare the game to run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but they don’t seem to lose hope and will probably try their best.

In the opinion of Behaviour Interactive, they will have to create a big and new arena so that they can facilitate share and exchange of possessions and progress. Also, in order to do so, players will have to form an account on the Behaviour Interactive’s site so that the server of the game can integrate all the data. Makers of the game will constantly monitor the happenings in the game to resolve any issue that comes up and see if crossplay makes the game shaky. Also, gamers will be given the option not to choose crossplay.

Since its arrival in 2016, Dead by Daylight has always been amongst the most popular games. This is in a way because of its crossing over spooky characters like Halloween’s Michael Myers, or the Demogorgon of Stranger Things. The game’s release on Google Stadia is going to add more features to that version like Crowd Control and Play.

Another thing that makes Dead by Daylight an attractive game is its great stock of variation of costumes for the Survivors as well as the Killers. Therefore, cross-progression is going to be a great feature, even if implemented in a small capacity. Though there is no exact day for the release of the crossplay feature yet, fans will not be disappointed.

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