The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer: Everything you should know

Gamers know the iconic status of The Last of Us series. The first installment left everyone in awe as the immersive gameplay combined with a powerful storyline made for a fabulous experience. The first part also had a built-in multiplayer mode which was overshadowed by the main campaign mode of the game. It was neglected so much that many gamers refuse to believe that there was a multiplayer option in the game. This was also because The Last of Us 2 came with only a single-player option, unlike the previous part.

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A standalone multiplayer version of the game is being worked on and while Naughty Dog did mention the multiplayer game, the game would not be launched alongside the main game. This means that we can expect the standalone multiplayer version to launch after the main game has been released.

Continuing the statement, Naughty Dog also revealed that while the game will be a part of the main franchise, it will most likely not include the main storyline but would rather act as an extension to The Last of Us 2. This makes the announcement even more exciting as the game will see new features, tweaks, and updates that will come as a surprise for the gamers. However, the statement can also be taken from the Factions perspective. The Factions gameplay of the previous game may act as the core to the multiplayer game and the possibility of it happening are equally high.

If this theory is anything to go by, the maps for the multiplayer are touted to be in Seattle and other West Coast cities with the Wolves battling it out with the Seraphites, unlike Fireflies against Hunter in the previous iteration of Factions. Many of the original features of Factions are also rumored to come back with the Supply Raid and Survivors game modes making up the core of the multiplayer game. While gamers may appreciate these modes, there is always an open door that can invite new game styles that will keep the players hooked to their screens.

Factions is a much-complicated game that involves controlling survivors after the battle to give it a much-needed twist from the constant fighting in the battles. Factions aims to ensure the survival of the clan by winning rounds as many times as possible. Losing the rounds resulted in the loss of health of survivors which kept the stakes high.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the multiplayer game, it has certainly gained hype and if the standalone multiplayer mode follows the footsteps of Factions, the gamers are in for a treat.

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